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Our baby's pink and gray nursery.

Check out our baby's simple and sweet nursery. It is filled with DIY projects plus vintage and modern touches.

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August 12, 2014

Pink and Grey Nursery: Room Reveal

Madigan made… a vintage and modern nursery room.

Pink and gray baby nursery decor ideas (with vintage and modern touches)

I’m SO excited to finally share this room with you. It’s been a labor of love for me as I get ready to welcome our little angel into the world. (Eek! Very, very soon!) 

Many of you may recall the long road my husband and I had to get to this point in our lives. We struggled with infertility issues for many years… and after a long, long time, we realized we needed stop living in limbo and “live for today”. One of our guest rooms (that I had pegged to be a nursery when we moved in) sat unused for many years as well. We realized we needed to move on and use that space. It eventually became my happy and colorful home office.

pink and gray baby's nursery decor

Then, this past winter, we were thrilled to learn we were expecting! After I found out we were having a baby, I immediately started to brainstorm about the décor for our little babe. (who we learned was going to be a girl!)

We decided to use our other guest bedroom for the nursery. Here is what the space looked like before:

I was inspired by pink and gray hues for the room’s color scheme. I wanted a fresh combination of both vintage and modern elements in the space. It was also important for me to have the room have that ‘special’ or precious vibe that made it feel feminine (but not too girly or princess-y… it’s a word). I think I achieved that feeling with some of the floral and vintage motifs I used… plus I sprinkled a lot of crystal and sparkly elements around the room.

The hardest decision was what kind of baby furniture to buy for this room… and after those pieces were decided on, the rest of the decorating was fun and creative. Many of the décor items you see in this room I created for the space myself. I’ve shown you most of those projects already. Y’all know my philosophy by now… When you can’t find what you want, make it!

Please click on the photo or the descriptive link below each set of pictures if you wanted more details about an element. I also added a source list at the bottom of this post, if you were curious about where to locate some of the store bought finds.

Let’s take a little tour around this cute room that is finally finished:

Nursery reading nook with book ledges

| Cozy nursery reading nook with glider and book ledges |

| DIY baby blocks |

Vintage fabric wrapped DIY wall art

| Vintage fabric wrapped DIY wall art | Simple (free) nursery art print |

DIY crystal baby mobile

| DIY crystal nursery mobile |

Vintage inspired DIY pillows

| Vintage inspired DIY pillows |

DIY large-scale vintage graphic artwork

| DIY large-scale vintage graphic artwork |

Easy customized child’s chair using a vintage image transfer process

| Easy customized child’s chair using a vintage image transfer process |

Artificial silk flower DIY wall art

artificial silk flower DIY art

| Artificial silk flower DIY wall art |

IKEA HEMNES dresser as a changing table area

IKEA HEMNES dresser as a changing table area (and vintage plate wall)

| IKEA HEMNES dresser as a changing table area |

DIY crystal lamp from a decanter

| DIY crystal lamp from a decanter |

Every time I walk into this room now… I can’t help but smile. The nursery feels bright, happy, sparkly and feminine. It will be a great space to share with our little girl.

And for a quick bump update… here I am at 37 weeks in the space! We are ready and waiting this month!

I do realize that we’ll need to make changes to parts of this room to baby-proof it as our little girl grows. Starting now, the pillows will be pulled out of the crib anytime she is sleeping in there. The crib mattress can easily be lowered once she starts to roll and move. As she starts to reach for things, we can shorten the fishing line to raise the crystal mobile higher up and close to the ceiling. Eventually, if our little lady is really curious and possibly climbs, we may need to relocate some of the glass and ceramic pieces on her dresser. We will cross those bridges when we get to them.

Right now, I love this space and I’m looking forward to sharing it and all of its pretty details with our sweet little angel. Making memories in this space with her will only make this room even more special!


Nursery source list:

This list contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more details.

August 5, 2014

Our IKEA HEMNES Dresser / Changing Table

Madigan made… a changing table from an IKEA dresser.

IKEA HEMNES dresser used as a changing table for a nursery

A nursery is not complete without an area to change a dirty diaper, right? Rumor has it… we will be changing LOADS of diapers pretty soon!

I’ve shown you a bunch of DIY projects and several corners of our future little girls nursery. But, I haven’t shown you this wall of the room yet. It is taken up by this huge, white dresser that we are also using as a changing table.

We did not buy an actual changing table. This specialty item seemed (to me) like a borderline useless piece of furniture. Yeah, you will use it to change diapers and store stuff, but after your kid is out of diapers… then what?

I decided to create my own space for diaper changing that could continue to be used for storage as our child grows. Apparently, all you need to create your own changing table is a big dresser, a sturdy changing pad, a lamp and some diaper accoutrements!

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more details.)

Based on the recommendations from a great baby products review book I read this pregnancy, we decided to go with a large IKEA HEMNES dresser for the nursery. Aside from the tedious task of putting the darn thing together, we are happy with our choice so far. You can read more about our baby’s room furniture decisions here. 

This dresser is HUGE! It has eight ample sized drawers for our baby’s clothes and other items. Aside from the tray on top of the dresser, we are storing the other needed diaper changing necessities (like diapers, of course) in the top drawers.

crystal drawer knobs on IKEA HEMNES dresser

Changing out the standard knobs to these sparkly acrylic crystal ones was an easy and pretty way to customize the dresser for our little girl.

use a dresser as a changing table for nursery

A changing pad turns the flat top surface into a convenient diaper changing area. I added a tray with some wipes and two hobnail glass containers to hold any needed creams, etc. we wanted to keep handy.  For a little touch of whimsy, I placed a painted momma and baby bird on the tray, too.

 nursery changing table storage tray

The other areas of the room had a lot of things already up on the walls, so I wanted to keep  the décor on this wall simple. I decided to hang a small collection of vintage plates at one end of the dresser (away from the reaching arms of a curious baby). 

use a dresser as a changing table for a nursery (love the vintage plate wall, too)

The pink and gray flowers in the plates coordinate with the space and the vintage element ties into the other antique images I’ve used in the room.

One of the plates (the deep pink ‘moss rose’ pattern) is part of the china set that I inherited from my maternal grandmother. It was important to me to have a ‘piece’ of my grandmother in our little angel’s room. Plus, the deep rose pink color of the flower on the plate partly inspired this room’s colors. I received the other plates from my husband’s mom and I picked a couple up from antique or thrift stores.

DIY crystal lamp for baby's room decor

And, of course, the pretty DIY crystal lamp I made from a decanter sparkles at this end of the dresser, too. It is the perfect size for this corner. It twinkles all day long, with or without the light on!

Now, I realize that there are a few breakable items at this end of the dresser, which I know may be a little risky for a child’s room. After talking with several seasoned moms (like my mom, mother-in-law and a few others), their advice was that we will probably be OK with this pretty (fragile) décor for about a year or so. Once the baby becomes a toddler and starts to explore (and maybe climb!) we may need to relocate some of these glass and ceramic pieces. We will cross that bridge when we get to it and baby proof as our babe grows (and who knows, we may be ready to tweak the room’s décor a little anyways, too). Right now, we want to enjoy all the pretty elements in this corner.

So, I think you’ve seen most of our baby’s room by now! We love how it turned out and I will recap everything and give you the grand tour soon! 

Source list for this space:

August 2, 2014

DIY Crystal Lamp from a Decanter

Made made… a sparkling crystal lamp for the nursery.

DIY lamp made from a crystal decanter bottle

It’s funny how our tastes can slowly change over time. A few years ago, (when I told you about this painted glass vase and these wedding shower centerpieces), I told you that I was not a big fan of cut crystal pieces. The pattern on the cut glassware was sometimes too busy for my simple tastes.

Well, I find that lately I’m a bit drawn to crystal… especially since I’ve been working on our baby girl’s nursery. Maybe my tastes have changed or perhaps it is all about context? Either way, the clear accent works perfectly in the nursery space to add a little sparkle to the room. Crystal is timeless, fun to look at (it is a prism of sorts), and pretty… all things I wanted for the space. 

My husband and I have had this beautiful crystal decanter for many years. It was given to us by my husband’s brother and sister-in-law for an engagement gift. The bottle was a heavy piece and very pretty. It has sat in our barware storage in the basement since we got married 8 years ago (we are not big liqueur drinkers). When I started to work on the little one’s room and decided to add crystal touches, I immediately thought about turning this piece into a lamp for our babe’s dresser.

To create this DIY lamp, I basically followed the same steps I shared with you when I made my  other DIY lamp from a bottle. 

The most challenging (and nerve-wracking) part of the process was drilling the hole in the bottom of the container for the electrical cord to thread through.

I wore safety gear to ensure none of the glass dust got in my eyes or nose.

diy lamp from a bottle

Then I used a carbide drill tip and drilled the hole very, very, very slowly to avoid cracking the glass. I also kept a wet rag nearby to help cool the drill tip and hole periodically. Please check out my DIY lamp bottle tutorial for more tips and a supply list if you were interested in making your own lamp this way. It is not hard, just time consuming and it requires the right products.

DIY lamp from a crystal decanter

I love this little lamp. With the wider base, it is quite sturdy. Instead of sitting in storage, we can look at the beautiful piece every day! When the light hits it, the base shines and sparkle!

how to make a lamp from a crystal decanter bottle

Down the road as our little munchkin grows and starts to get mobile, we may rethink having a breakable glass lamp in her room. Right now, it adds that little bit sparkle I was hoping for.

Now this room is filled with a lots of twinkling/clear décor for our little girl to look at… if you missed some of these elements, click here:

Crystal frame | Faux diamond ring | DIY crystal mobile | Lucite side table | Crystal drawer knobs

crystal accents for a baby girls room

Next week I hope to tell you more about this dresser area and show you the whole nursery… stay tuned!

July 29, 2014

Cozy Nursery Reading Corner

Madigan made… a reading corner for the baby’s nursery.

Tips for creating a cozy reading or nursing corner for a nursery (love the book ledges idea!)

Go ahead… ask my parents. They will tell you that I was more than a bit of a bookworm growing up. I always had my nose in a book as a child. I read constantly. (Yes, I was that pre-teen that could devour the latest copy of The Babysitter’s Club in a day!) I don’t read as much as I’d like to these days… but I am SO looking forward to sharing my love of books with our future little baby girl. I can’t wait to read to her and encourage her to enjoy books like my parents did with me.

So, it was important to me to have a corner of our baby’s nursery that was conducive to reading to her. I also wanted a cozy space that we could use to rock and nurse her as well when she was little.

simple nursery reading nook idea with book ledges on the wall

I created this small area of the room near the window to be our little “book nook”. It required a few important things (in my mind) to meet all of our needs: a comfy chair, a place to rest/store things, lots of book storage, good lighting and fun/pretty décor.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more details.

reading nook nursery idea with glider for babys room

We started planning the reading corner around a small modern glider we bought for the room. The rocker is the Madison Swivel Glider from babyletto. It is covered in a soft, gray microfiber material that I think will clean and hold up well around a child. I already find myself sitting and rocking in it almost daily as it is… it is very comfortable!  I love the modern style of the chair and the fact that it could easily transition into another part of the house down the road.

nursing glider and side table idea for baby's room

Next to the glider we placed a small side table/stool. When I am nursing, I’m sure it will come in handy for drinks/snacks and needed baby paraphernalia. I love the fact that the table is clear and it does not take up much space visually, The Lucite material compliments the other clear/crystal elements in the space. Plus, it is plastic  and  will hopefully be durable around a kid. And look at the storage below… perfect for more books!

book ledges for a childrens nursery - love this idea for wall decor!

If you follow me on Instagram, a couple of months ago you may have spotted the three narrow shelves that I hung behind the glider. They are RIBBA picture ledges from IKEA and I’m using them as book ledges. My dad and I talked about trying to make some book ledges… but when I saw that these shelves were $15 a piece, I could not go wrong with this store-bought option!

childrens room book ledges idea

Right now I have some books on the shelves, plus a few toys and décor items. The empty silver and crystal frames are from Home Goods… and you may have notices my DIY baby blocks sitting next to the frames.

The other framed pink and white silhouette prints are free vintage graphics I downloaded, modified and printed from The Graphics Fairy (a deer and girl and two children playing). These silhouette prints compliment the large DIY wall art I made for the above the crib.

I can’t wait to fill up these shelves with more books as the baby grows!

reading nook pendant light

A reading area needs good lighting. I did not want to take up floor or table space with a lamp, so a hanging pendant lamp (using a JARA shade and HEMMA cord set from IKEA) above the side table seemed like the best way to go. The kit we used hangs from hooks in the ceiling and can be plugged into the wall below. (no need for fancy wiring!) We also added a dimmer attachment (the DIMMA cord dimmer from IKEA) to the lamp so that we can make the lighting soft and ambient during those late night feedings. (Thanks to my reader Deb for the dimmer idea!)

A few more things in this area help to amp up the cozy factor, too.

baby quilt and glider ideas for a pink and gray nursery

My blog girlfriend Carolina (from 30 Minute Crafts and Always Expect Moore) quilted this GORGEOUS baby blanket for our little girl that you see on the back of the glider. The colors are perfect  for the space and the quilt is soft. (Thanks so much, Cara!)

I sewed the long pillow for the chair out of some gray and pink ikat fabric using my easy envelope pillow method.

pink knitted pouf for the nursery

I had hoped to create a pouf-style ottoman to go with the glider, but time just got away from me. Instead, I settled on a bright, raspberry pink ottoman. The pink knitted pouf is from Restoration Hardware (you can find similar ones in different colors at One Kings Lane and Land of Nod). I love its size and nubby texture… it will be a great place to put up my feet while I’m in the glider. The ottoman will also transition into a great toddler seat as our babe grows.

pink and gray nursery decor ideas

You may have noticed our new faux sheepskin area rug  that we have in the center of the room. When I was planning this space, I wanted a modern rug for the room. I thought about a printed rug, but I’m so glad I went with a solid color. The light, white hue helps to brighten up the space and the shagginess is cozy and adds more texture to the room. When we bought the rug, it shed regularly for the first couple of months but that has slowed down. The shaggy rug is soooo comfy to walk on… and my hubby and dog assure me (from personal experience!) that it will be a warm place to play and snuggle with our little gal, too!

I’ve shown you most of the areas of this nursery… I just have a few more things to share with you about this room. Are you sick of all my baby talk already? (I hope not!) With my due date fast approaching, I’m just glad this room is almost ready and I can’t wait to show it all to you.