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Our baby's pink and gray nursery.

Check out our baby's simple and sweet nursery. It is filled with DIY projects plus vintage and modern touches.

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February 8, 2015

Hand Warmer Valentine Craft Idea

Madigan made… a simple and fun Valentine’s Day craft.

Hand Warmer Valentine’s Gift Idea

Need a fun and quick idea for a Valentine? Or maybe you want a cute, little gift to give out in the cold, winter months? Wrap up a pair of instant hand warmers and make someone’s day a little more sunny.

I made these little packages recently for holiday and Valentine’s Day gifts. I thought that hand warmers would be perfect present for this blustery time of year.

These DIY gifts are easy to make yourself…

Print off my free printable below onto white card stock. (or make your own label or saying) Click here or on the picture below to download the file. They say: “Hold onto whatever keeps you warm inside. (or these hand warmers.)”

(Click to download) valentines printable for hand warmers

Cut out each saying into square shapes (mine were a little smaller than 2” x 2”).

Valentine's Day hand warmer craft

Cut out a ‘wrapper’ from pink colored card stock for each pair of hand warmers. (My strips of paper were approximately 2” by 7”.) Wrap and fold the paper around the package of warmers and secure the flaps down in the back with scrapbooking adhesive or cute craft tape.

Attach your square shaped saying to the front of the hand warmers using more adhesive. Add a heart shaped sticker or paper punch, if desired (I made mine using a small heart punch and red vinyl).

Give your toasty (and cute!) gift to someone that needs a little more warmth this time of year! (And considering the weather reports lately, I’m betting that is most of my audience!)

Simple hand warmer DIY Valentine's Day craft

February 1, 2015

Easy Heart-Shaped Glitter Frame

Madigan made… a Valentine’s Day craft.

DIY Easy Heart-Shaped Glitter Frame

Are you looking for a simple and easy handmade gift to make for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? This personalized, heart-shaped frame would make a great homemade valentine.

Aside from the cutie pie in the picture, do you want to know my favorite part about this project?  Glitter, of course! 

Join me on Mod Podge Rocks to see how to make your own glittered DIY photo frame.

January 6, 2015

Cute Toy Storage: Hide the Clutter!

Madigan made… a simple way to customize a toy storage bin.

Cute Toy Storage: Hide the Clutter! A simple way to customize a toy storage bin.

I don’t know about you, but once the holidays wind down, I get in an organizing mood. I think many of us do.

So, I thought I’d show you one of the storage details in our daughter’s nursery… how we are organizing her toys.

We actually have a small toy box on each floor of our house, with the smallest one in her bedroom. I love this white toy storage bin. It is the perfect size for her room. (I found mine at Hayneedle, but you can also get similar ones at Amazon , Target or Land of Nod. *affiliate links.)

how to hide toy storage

While I loved the bin, I chose to cover the opening with a curtain of fabric for a few reasons:

  • I like cute storage.
  • The bin did contain the toys, but the opening was wide and the pile of toys inside looked a little cluttered.
  • We have a dog that was becoming more and more curious about the stuffed animals in that bin. I needed to disguise the opening.
  • Did I mention I liked cute storage?

So, I thought a simple covering for the front of the bin would help hide the clutter.

I found some cute gray, cotton, polka-dot fabric that coordinated with the room. The fabric was a little thin, so I ironed interfacing to the back of it. After some measuring, I sewed two simple panels of the fabric to cover the opening of the storage bin. The panels overlapped by a few inches.

how to hide toy storage

To secure the panels to the bin, I stapled the top edges of the fabric to the underside of the container’s opening.

The fabric curtain gives the area a finished and clean look, but still allows for easy access to Little C’s toys. And so far, our dog has not figured out what is inside the bin.

Cute Toy Storage: Hide the Clutter! A simple way to customize a toy storage bin.

And it looks cute… and important factor for me when it comes to storing stuff!


Want more baby girl nursery ideas? Don’t forget to check out the full room tour here.

Pink and gray nursery ideas

January 1, 2015

Best Crafts, Recipes and Décor of 2014

Best Crafts, Recipes and Décor of 2014 on Madigan Made

Happy 2015!

2014 was a very special year for our  family, which grew by one little person!

Even with all of that excitement, I still managed to find time to make stuff and share it here. As we usher in a new year, I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of my favorite crafts, recipes and décor ideas from the past year.


Simple Crafts of 2014

As y’all know, I’m a big fan of simple and easy. This year I made a bunch of simple crafts… many of which helped to decorate our home.

Vintage Fabric Wrapped Wall Art

Vintage Fabric Wrapped Wall Art

Glass Fishing Floats

faux DIY glass fishing floats

Silk Flower Wall Art

Silk Flower Wall Art

DIY Photo Transfer to Chair

DIY Photo Transfer to Chair

How to Make a Lamp from a Bottle

How to Make a Lamp from a Bottle


Simple Recipes of 2014

Since I was pregnant most of 2014, I did not have the energy to cook or bake much… but I did find time to make a few things. It shouldn’t surprise you that most of the recipes I made involved chocolate!

Death by Chocolate Trifle Dessert

chocolate trifle dessert recipe

Easy BBQ Ribs

easy BBQ rib recipe

Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Bites

chocolate raspberry dessert bites recipe

Malted Milk Ball Ice Cream Cake

Malted Milk Ball Ice Cream Cake


Simple Room Décor of 2014

In preparation for baby, my husband and I worked to get the nursery and other rooms in our house completed as much as we could. I’m so glad we did scramble to get these things done, because once the baby arrived, I suspected that our time would be limited. (which proved very true!)

Family Room Update & Vintage Gallery Wall with Hoops and Plates

DIY vintage inspired gallery wall with plates and embroidery hoops

My Happy Home Office Room Reveal

colorful and happy home office decor

And then we changed that room into a Guest Room instead:

DIY headboard and colorful guest room

And the most important room of the year: Our Pink and Gray Baby Nursery

Pink and Gray Baby Nursery


Thanks so much for your readership this past year! Here’s wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015!

December 24, 2014

Our Holiday Home (and Merry Christmas!)

Madigan made… a holiday home tour.

Things have been quite busy around here lately with the new baby, the holidays and the fact that I’m back to work this month.   I did not get as much done as I usually do this season but it is ALL worth it when I look at our daughter’s sweet face. We are looking forward to this holiday even more now that we have her!

I wanted to stop for a moment today to wish you all a Merry Christmas and show you around some of our holiday home. I never got a chance to put together an official ‘holiday home tour’ post but here are a few pictures.

Our new (artificial) white Christmas tree… decked in red and gold. I just love how the white glows!

Artficial white christmas tree decor

Artficial white christmas tree decor

I love mixing in vintage and vintage style glass ornaments with personal ones.

 DIY milk glass trees sit nearby.

milk glass white trees

DIY milk glass white trees

Our simple holiday foyer… cute plates above, a wreath on the pegs and my fabric trees below.

simple holiday foyer decor

simple holiday foyer decor

fabric topiary trees

My JOY wall sign.

JOY wall sign

The festive clipboards in the kitchen.

Clipboards decorated for the holidays

Some blue and white décor above our kitchen cart.

simple holiday kitchen decor

And easy personalized stockings down the steps.

simple personalized stockings hanging down the staircase

simple personalized stockings hanging down the staircase

Do you want to know my favorite part about our decor? The fact that we have four stockings now…. for my husband (T), my daughter (C), our dog (K) and me (S). Our little family has grown, bringing new meaning to this time of year.

Wishing you and yours a very merry holiday!

December 19, 2014

Easy glittered mirror ornaments

Madigan made… a project for Mod Podge Rocks.

I think y’all know me by now. Glitter is my jam. I can’t get through the holidays without it. 

You too? Yay!

Then you might be interested in making a quick and sparkly ornament for your tree this weekend. Recently I showed Amy’s readers how to make these simple glitter and mirror ornaments. Join me over there for the instructions and get your glitter on!

December 17, 2014

Modern holiday clipboard wall decor

Madigan made…   DIY holiday kitchen décor.

Modern holiday wall decor using clipboards

There are soooo many things I love about the dollar store. The rolls of grosgrain ribbon and gift bags. The inexpensive glassware begging for a little glass paint. The boxes of brass thumbtacks that are perfect for making a wreath.

But this time of year… I love how you can find a plethora of ornaments and holiday decorations drenched in glitter.

So much sparkle in one corner of the store.  So. much. awesome.

I’m pretty sure I was the only one in our dollar store buying over 16 red glitter covered bows earlier this month. I picked up some glittery red paper from the craft store that matched the bows, too.

I had a plan. A very sparkly plan.

Modern holiday wall decor using clipboards

Using white, turquoise and turquoise striped paper, I applied strips of the glitter paper and the bows to the paper with double-sided tape and hot glue. I clipped each one to my kitchen clipboard wall.

The result?

A modern, sparkly and festive wall of presents on my kitchen clipboard wall! 

Modern holiday wall decor using clipboards

A big pile of ornaments in my candy cane DIY ribbon bowl made a simple table centerpiece that complements the bold holiday wall.

Modern holiday  decor

It all makes me smile. (Is my sparkle tooth showing? ‘Cuz it should be.)

Modern holiday wall decor using clipboards - love the graphic presents!


P.S. If you like the idea of holiday decorating with clipboards, be sure to check out my décor from prior seasons: my ski chalet inspired wall and the cobalt and snowflake wall.

holiday decorating with clipboards