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Our baby's pink and gray nursery.

Check out our baby's simple and sweet nursery. It is filled with DIY projects plus vintage and modern touches.

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September 19, 2014

China/library cabinet update: adding a little color

Madigan made...   A simple update to the back of our china cabinet.

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

In our pre-baby preparation, my husband and I tried to get several house projects done this summer. We knew that we might not get to many once the baby is born.

I'm so glad we took advantage of those opportunities! Most of my days today are spent nursing, tending to dirty diapers and cleaning up spit up with our daughter. And, of course, soaking in all that precious baby goodness!!!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that this summer we painted and updated our front office area on the first floor. We were ready to get rid of the yellowy gold color and go for more neutral, lighter tan. It's the same paint color we used in our family room and in our foyer. It was towards the end of my pregnancy that we got to this project. I didn't have the energy to paint by that point, so we hired a painter. Best decision ever!

Other quick updates we did in the room included changing out the curtains to something lighter and brighter. We installed wide blinds in the windows. I went longer and wider with the white curtain panels.  I think that they helped open up the space and make the room feel bigger.

We moved some of the furniture around but we left our large wood desk on the wall next to the window – I did not really change anything here.

But you also may have noticed that I added a little color to the china/library cabinet. The back of the cabinet is now a beautiful turquoise blue.

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

It helps to set off the white books and pink and gold accessories displayed in the cabinet.

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

I added the blue color to the back of the cabinet by cutting pieces of foam core panels that fits snugly in the back of each shelf section. 

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

Then, I wrapped the foam tightly with a deep turquoise fabric. I adhered the fabric to the foam core with duct tape to the back of the panel.

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

Each piece slid into the back of the cabinet and stayed there on their own because I cut the foam shapes so closely.

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

Using my easy envelope pillow method, I also brought in more color to the room with several pillows in deep pink colors and turquoise envelope pillows

diy envelope pillows

I'm glad we made these changes in this room. Not only does the room feel lighter and brighter, it also will be more conducive with the baby down the road because we moved some of the furniture around.

Easy idea to add color to back of china cabinet or bookshelf

The new arrangement opened up the space (for play time with the baby down the road on the floor) and also allowed for us to make room for this important piece of furniture:

While I'm off on maternity leave and while the baby is still very little, we set up this portable crib for naps and diaper changes without leaving the first floor.

I love that with a few tweaks, this room is now more colorful and brighter… and ready to grow with our family’s changing needs!

August 31, 2014

Four words, four walls and a ladybug

Madigan made…            a baby!

Four words.

Four little words that, up until recently, I didn't think I would be able to say.
I am a mom.
I am a MOM.

I am forever someone's mother… and she is so sweet and so cute!

Things have been quite busy around here. Our Little C was born into the world earlier this month. She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was 19 inches long at birth. We are all home and doing well. I can't even begin to tell you how precious this angel is to us!

Some of you know my husband and I struggled with infertility for many years. A child did not seem to be in the cards for us. After living in limbo for so long, a couple of years ago we decided to live for today and stop worrying. And then, this past winter, we were delighted to learn we were expecting a baby!

Creating a special nursery space for our baby was part of my preparation for her arrival. But nothing, nothing, could prepare me for how different things feel today in our house. It doesn't matter how our house is decorated or what color we painted the nursery. What matters to me today is that the four walls of our house surround and protect our little family. Having our daughter here gives new meaning to the word home.

And that notion reminds of this movie quote:

Frances: What are four walls, anyway? They are what they contain. The house protects the dreamer. Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game. It's such a surprise.

I told many of you about my love of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. So many of the lines and themes of that film resonate with me right now.

Katherine: "Listen, when I was a little girl I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs. Finally, I'd just give up and fall asleep in the grass. When I woke up, they were crawling all over me."

I love that ‘ladybug’ line so much, that it was important for me to have a little ladybug decor in the baby's nursery. Some of you may have noticed the little pink night light in the shape of a ladybug on the table next to the glider. I smile every time I see it and I’m reminded of my daughter in a way.

If you haven’t seen the film, I recommend it. This set of clips from the movie speaks to me today and I think you'll see why I’m drawn to the ladybug theme: 

I am in my late 30s. One year ago my husband and I were thinking and talking long-term about what life would be like without children.

Then, when weren't looking, this little lady came into our lives. We have fallen hard for her and I can't imagine life without her. I am forever grateful for our little ladybug!

FYI: I am currently on maternity leave and I plan to spend less time here and online in general. I hope you understand. I do have a bunch of projects that I made earlier this year and saved for this timeframe. I hope to share them periodically on the blog when I can. Please feel free to keep up with my activities (and the baby!) on Facebook, and Instagram if you wanted more frequent updates.

August 12, 2014

Pink and Grey Nursery: Room Reveal

Madigan made… a vintage and modern nursery room.

Pink and gray baby nursery decor ideas (with vintage and modern touches)

I’m SO excited to finally share this room with you. It’s been a labor of love for me as I get ready to welcome our little angel into the world. (Eek! Very, very soon!) 

Many of you may recall the long road my husband and I had to get to this point in our lives. We struggled with infertility issues for many years… and after a long, long time, we realized we needed stop living in limbo and “live for today”. One of our guest rooms (that I had pegged to be a nursery when we moved in) sat unused for many years as well. We realized we needed to move on and use that space. It eventually became my happy and colorful home office.

pink and gray baby's nursery decor

Then, this past winter, we were thrilled to learn we were expecting! After I found out we were having a baby, I immediately started to brainstorm about the décor for our little babe. (who we learned was going to be a girl!)

We decided to use our other guest bedroom for the nursery. Here is what the space looked like before:

I was inspired by pink and gray hues for the room’s color scheme. I wanted a fresh combination of both vintage and modern elements in the space. It was also important for me to have the room have that ‘special’ or precious vibe that made it feel feminine (but not too girly or princess-y… it’s a word). I think I achieved that feeling with some of the floral and vintage motifs I used… plus I sprinkled a lot of crystal and sparkly elements around the room.

The hardest decision was what kind of baby furniture to buy for this room… and after those pieces were decided on, the rest of the decorating was fun and creative. Many of the décor items you see in this room I created for the space myself. I’ve shown you most of those projects already. Y’all know my philosophy by now… When you can’t find what you want, make it!

Please click on the photo or the descriptive link below each set of pictures if you wanted more details about an element. I also added a source list at the bottom of this post, if you were curious about where to locate some of the store bought finds.

Let’s take a little tour around this cute room that is finally finished:

Nursery reading nook with book ledges

| Cozy nursery reading nook with glider and book ledges |

| DIY baby blocks |

Vintage fabric wrapped DIY wall art

| Vintage fabric wrapped DIY wall art | Simple (free) nursery art print |

DIY crystal baby mobile

| DIY crystal nursery mobile |

Vintage inspired DIY pillows

| Vintage inspired DIY pillows |

DIY large-scale vintage graphic artwork

| DIY large-scale vintage graphic artwork |

Easy customized child’s chair using a vintage image transfer process

| Easy customized child’s chair using a vintage image transfer process |

Artificial silk flower DIY wall art

artificial silk flower DIY art

| Artificial silk flower DIY wall art |

IKEA HEMNES dresser as a changing table area

IKEA HEMNES dresser as a changing table area (and vintage plate wall)

| IKEA HEMNES dresser as a changing table area |

DIY crystal lamp from a decanter

| DIY crystal lamp from a decanter |

Every time I walk into this room now… I can’t help but smile. The nursery feels bright, happy, sparkly and feminine. It will be a great space to share with our little girl.

And for a quick bump update… here I am at 37 weeks in the space! We are ready and waiting this month!

I do realize that we’ll need to make changes to parts of this room to baby-proof it as our little girl grows. Starting now, the pillows will be pulled out of the crib anytime she is sleeping in there. The crib mattress can easily be lowered once she starts to roll and move. As she starts to reach for things, we can shorten the fishing line to raise the crystal mobile higher up and close to the ceiling. Eventually, if our little lady is really curious and possibly climbs, we may need to relocate some of the glass and ceramic pieces on her dresser. We will cross those bridges when we get to them.

Right now, I love this space and I’m looking forward to sharing it and all of its pretty details with our sweet little angel. Making memories in this space with her will only make this room even more special!


Nursery source list:

This list contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more details.

August 5, 2014

Our IKEA HEMNES Dresser / Changing Table

Madigan made… a changing table from an IKEA dresser.

IKEA HEMNES dresser used as a changing table for a nursery

A nursery is not complete without an area to change a dirty diaper, right? Rumor has it… we will be changing LOADS of diapers pretty soon!

I’ve shown you a bunch of DIY projects and several corners of our future little girls nursery. But, I haven’t shown you this wall of the room yet. It is taken up by this huge, white dresser that we are also using as a changing table.

We did not buy an actual changing table. This specialty item seemed (to me) like a borderline useless piece of furniture. Yeah, you will use it to change diapers and store stuff, but after your kid is out of diapers… then what?

I decided to create my own space for diaper changing that could continue to be used for storage as our child grows. Apparently, all you need to create your own changing table is a big dresser, a sturdy changing pad, a lamp and some diaper accoutrements!

(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more details.)

Based on the recommendations from a great baby products review book I read this pregnancy, we decided to go with a large IKEA HEMNES dresser for the nursery. Aside from the tedious task of putting the darn thing together, we are happy with our choice so far. You can read more about our baby’s room furniture decisions here. 

This dresser is HUGE! It has eight ample sized drawers for our baby’s clothes and other items. Aside from the tray on top of the dresser, we are storing the other needed diaper changing necessities (like diapers, of course) in the top drawers.

crystal drawer knobs on IKEA HEMNES dresser

Changing out the standard knobs to these sparkly acrylic crystal ones was an easy and pretty way to customize the dresser for our little girl.

use a dresser as a changing table for nursery

A changing pad turns the flat top surface into a convenient diaper changing area. I added a tray with some wipes and two hobnail glass containers to hold any needed creams, etc. we wanted to keep handy.  For a little touch of whimsy, I placed a painted momma and baby bird on the tray, too.

 nursery changing table storage tray

The other areas of the room had a lot of things already up on the walls, so I wanted to keep  the décor on this wall simple. I decided to hang a small collection of vintage plates at one end of the dresser (away from the reaching arms of a curious baby). 

use a dresser as a changing table for a nursery (love the vintage plate wall, too)

The pink and gray flowers in the plates coordinate with the space and the vintage element ties into the other antique images I’ve used in the room.

One of the plates (the deep pink ‘moss rose’ pattern) is part of the china set that I inherited from my maternal grandmother. It was important to me to have a ‘piece’ of my grandmother in our little angel’s room. Plus, the deep rose pink color of the flower on the plate partly inspired this room’s colors. I received the other plates from my husband’s mom and I picked a couple up from antique or thrift stores.

DIY crystal lamp for baby's room decor

And, of course, the pretty DIY crystal lamp I made from a decanter sparkles at this end of the dresser, too. It is the perfect size for this corner. It twinkles all day long, with or without the light on!

Now, I realize that there are a few breakable items at this end of the dresser, which I know may be a little risky for a child’s room. After talking with several seasoned moms (like my mom, mother-in-law and a few others), their advice was that we will probably be OK with this pretty (fragile) décor for about a year or so. Once the baby becomes a toddler and starts to explore (and maybe climb!) we may need to relocate some of these glass and ceramic pieces. We will cross that bridge when we get to it and baby proof as our babe grows (and who knows, we may be ready to tweak the room’s décor a little anyways, too). Right now, we want to enjoy all the pretty elements in this corner.

So, I think you’ve seen most of our baby’s room by now! We love how it turned out and I will recap everything and give you the grand tour soon! 

Source list for this space: