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July 23, 2014

DIY Vintage Inspired Pillows

Madigan made… sewn pillows for the nursery.

DIY vintage inspired pillows

After I showed you the DIY crystal baby mobile last week, I wanted to tell you more about the crib area. The foundations of the room are simple and decorated in gray and white… but the room needed some feminine touches and I wanted to use some vintage-inspired elements, too. To do that with the crib, I decided to sew a few pillows for the room.

Now, I should point out that these pillows are purely decorative and will add a little more color to the nursery. We plan to pull them out when the baby is in the crib to avoid the risk of suffocation. But the pillows add a little interest to the crib and will come in handy for adults. My husband and I already hang out in the nursery some nights… He snuggles on the rug with the dog while I rock in the glider. The pillows come in handy for hubby when he is laying on the rug. We likely will continue to use the pillows when we are in that room and play on the floor with the baby, etc.

I sewed the white pillow in the center out of one piece of white cotton duck using my easy envelope pillow approach. Are you curious about the vintage party dress image in the center of the pillow?

How to transfer images to fabric pillows

I added that image to the fabric using Mod Podge Photo Transfer medium. You can get the full tutorial for how to do that on Mod Podge Rocks… I’m over there this week explaining how to transfer images to fabric.

The other two pillows were easy to sew from other fabric I had. The pillow on the left is made from an old vintage embroidered tablecloth. You saw part of this tablecloth already… if you remember, I used pieces of that fabric to make DIY wall art.

How to sew a pillow using vintage fabric

The floral print pillow on the far right is made with two fat quarters of fabric. The fabric is new, but the print reminds me of vintage floral images.

How to sew a pillow from fat quarters

To sew these two pillows, I was not able to use one continuous piece of fabric. It makes the assembly process a little more cumbersome than my usual envelope pillow method using one piece of fabric but it is still pretty easy.

If you are interested in how to make an envelope pillow from two pieces of fabric (like fat quarters), these two diagrams step you through the basics of how to make one:

easy DIY envelope pillow instructions

easy DIY envelope pillow tutorial

The pillows look so cute in the room and add that little bit of femininity the crib area needed. I love them with the gray and white bedding and the DIY crystal baby mobile above.

I also recently hung a cute pink and white children’s print above the crib… I’ll tell you more about this semi-DIY artwork soon!

Pink and gray nursery crib ideas

July 19, 2014

DIY Silk Flower Party Straws

Madigan made… artificial silk flower DIY straws.

DIY Artificial Silk Flower Party Straws

So… let’s say you recently made a DIY chocolate bouquet and a modern silk flower wall art piece. What do you do with all of the leftover artificial flowers?

You make pretty flower party straws, of course! Duh.

DIY Artificial Silk Flower Party Straws

I’ve had my reservations about artificial flowers for years, but it’s been kinda fun experimenting with this craft product lately. Since I had extra blooms from my recent silk flower craft projects, I started to play with them and figured I could add them to some straws.

These flower straws were very easy to make and would be fun to make for your next party or shower… or when you want to fancy up your cocktail on a Friday night sitting on the deck. Whatever floats your boat!

To make these festive floral straws, I used some straws, silk blooms, duct tape and scissors. (I used green straws and tape to represent floral stems, but you really could use any color.)

I pulled the flowers and petals apart.

I cut small slits in the centers of the petals to make the hole bigger, if needed.

Then, I just threaded the straw through the hole in the petal circles. I pinched the material layers together and used thin strips of green duct tape to secure them to the straw. (You could also use floral tape, but green duct tape is what I had on hand.)

If I felt they needed a little more fullness, I added another layer of petals below the first one and used more tape. That’s it!

These fun flower party straws are a quick craft and easy way to use up some old craft supplies. Plus, they elevate your lemonade from average to exciting and party-ready!

DIY Artificial Silk Flower Party Straws

July 17, 2014

Simple Crystal Baby Mobile Craft

Madigan made… a baby mobile inspired by a crystal chandelier.

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

A crafty gal that loves a little sparkle is sure to have a daughter that loves it, too, right? Well, I hope so! Especially when you consider how I am decorating her pink and gray nursery with things that glitter and shine. 

If you remember, I wanted to incorporate some clear acrylic and crystal accents into the nursery space. You saw a few of these elements already, like our crystal drawer knobs, Lucite side table and faux oversized diamond d├ęcor. Every little girl’s room needs a little twinkle and shimmer.

Well, nothing says ‘sparkle’ like a crystal chandelier!?? I thought about buying a mini chandelier to serve as a mobile for the nursery but after seeing this DIY crystal mobile idea, I decided to make my own… sort-of.  I used a premade wire mobile designed for photos that I found online as a base. I loved the simple, modern lines of mobile. With a few little hacks, I made the mobile my own. I just removed the clips that came with it and attached acrylic crystals to it instead.

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

I found the crystal accents in the wedding section of the craft store. The acrylic charms are lighter that using actual glass chandelier drops. (and won’t break or shatter… which was important to me in a child’s room.)

This project was a simple and inexpensive way to have a custom mobile in our baby’s room. (compared to the cost of store-bought mobiles… and most of those were too cutesy for me anyways.) In fact, you could use this metal mobile “as-is” with the clips and hang whatever you want to it to create your own mobile. Baseball cards could be fun for a little boy’s room or you could use colorful yarn pom-poms for a circus themed room. This metal frame would make a great base for anyone looking for a semi-DIY baby mobile.

Let me show you how I customized mine:

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

Semi-DIY Crystal Baby Mobile

Supplies used:

(This list contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more info.)

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

Instructions to make a modern crystal mobile:

First, I removed alligator clips from the metal photo mobile with pliers.

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

Then, I cut lengths of the monofilament line and securely tied a crystal charm to the loop at each end of the mobile. To help the knots stay put, I placed dollops of nail polish over each knot, too.

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

I hung the mobile from a heavy-duty ceiling hook that we mounted in the ceiling above the crib using more fishing line. (and also using more nail polish to secure those knots, too. I did not want to risk this mobile falling into the crib!)

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

I love the way this mobile turned out! It is simple and modern… but still reminds me of a chandelier in a way. It is the perfect way to add a little shine and crystal to this side of the nursery.

I have to say that this mobile is difficult to photograph since it hangs in the corner of the room. It is hard to see the metal and acrylic clearly in some of the photos but I have to tell you that in person these crystal charms sparkle. Their shape and movement can be easily seen against the white ceiling when you look from below. (Yes, I tested it! I wanted to make sure our baby would be able to see them.)

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

I’m glad I started with a store-bought mobile as a base for this project. The metal base of the mobile is well balanced.

With the slightest touch or breeze in the room, the crystals dance and move for a long time (and do not seem to tangle, either). The charms cast little prismatic rainbows around the room. Family and friends that come to see the nursery comment that the mobile reminds them of the movie Pollyanna… which is a sweet analogy and kinda the feeling I was going for with this project!  I’m hoping our daughter finds this space bright, positive and sparkly!

Easy DIY craft: make a simple crystal baby mobile

P.S. Are you a little curious about the pink pillows and artwork you see with the crib? I made those, too! I can’t wait to tell you more about these projects next week. The nursery is almost complete (and baby is soon to arrive late next month! Eek!). Stay tuned!

July 10, 2014

Silk Flower DIY Wall Art for the Nursery

Madigan made… DIY modern silk flower wall art.

Modern DIY artificial silk flower wall art for girls nursery

Artificial silk flowers. They evoke a stuffy-plastic-covered-sofa-like-your-grandma-may-have-owned-feel, don’t they?

I’ve never been a fan of fake silk flower arrangements. In fact, I kinda detested them. Well, I’m having a slight change of heart these days… when used en masse in a non-traditional or modern way,  the pretty petals can create a lovely texture.

When my DIY alphabet nursery art idea crashed and burned into a hot, globby mess… I wondered what else I could cover the canvas with to make some art for the nursery.

After working with artificial flowers recently to make a floral chocolate bouquet and then seeing this pretty faux flower covered clutch, I thought it might be fun to create with this often overlooked craft supply.

This approach was a cheap way to create wall art, too. I found a bunch of pink and white silk flowers on clearance at the craft store and at the dollar store… I already had the craft paint and glue on hand.

 DIY modern silk flower wall art for a baby girl's nursery

Let me show you I made my DIY silk flower wall art:

Supplies used:

(This list contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more info.)

Steps taken to make flower wall art:

how to make silk flower wall art

First, I painted over the failed DIY alphabet art canvas. I thought about using pale gray paint, but then I changed my mind and went with a clean, white look.

how to make silk flower wall art

After the canvas dried, I pulled apart a bunch of the silk flowers and trimmed any excess plastic or wires from the flowers.

how to make silk flower wall art

I glued the flower heads down to the canvas using my hot glue gun. Sometimes I needed to take the flowers apart and glue down each ‘layer’ of petals so that the bottom of the flowers laid flat against the canvas. I occasionally tacked down some of the outer petals as needed, too.

how to make silk flower wall art

I worked from the bottom of the canvas, upwards. I started out by applying the flowers in a very condensed pattern and then loosened up the placement as I went higher on the canvas.

Once I glued down everything where I wanted them I used a hair dryer to clean up and melt any hot glue gun strings. (This is a little crafter’s trick that works great!)

The end result is sweet, pretty and feminine. And the ruffle-y texture on the canvas is gorgeous! It’s perfect for a little girl’s room. (and sooo much better than the failed alphabet art!)

I love how the flowers look next to my DIY floral photo transfer kids chair. This area of the room looks like a little garden, doesn’t it?  It will be a sweet little space for our future little girl to play in.

July 9, 2014

Photo Transfer FAIL

Madigan made… another craft fail.

I really loved how the flower photo image transfer worked on my DIY kids chair project for our future baby’s nursery. I was on a photo transfer kick after I made that project and decided to try and make some modern alphabet art for the nursery with that method.

Unfortunately, the craft did NOT turn out the way I had hoped… and I have another craft fail to share with you today! (Fails happen to every crafter once in awhile, right?)

To make this alphabet canvas (or at least to try to make it!), I created the image graphic on my computer and had a large (mirror image) printed at a copy center for under eight bucks. I asked for the paper to be cut out to fit the front of a long canvas edge-to-edge. I applied Mod Podge Photo Transfer medium liberally to the printed side of the image on the paper and pressed the paper to the canvas. I did my best to smooth out any bubbles.

I let it dry for 24 hours and then I started to rub the paper off with a damp rag and sponge. That's when I saw these problems. I think I rubbed too hard at the bottom near the image of the little girl and the medium itself started to rub off.

Higher up on the canvas, I think I used too much of the medium and did not smooth it out enough. The texture looked bubbly and bunched.

The project looked worse in person. Trust me, it was a hot mess and it became a bigger, hotter mess the more I tried  to fix it.

After talking with some of my other crafty colleagues (like Amy, who has friends at Plaid… they make the transfer medium) I think there were two things that doomed my project before I even started it. First, photo transfers onto stretched canvas are challenging since canvas gives so much. Secondly, I used a pretty large canvas for my project, making it even tougher and more prone to stretch. A smaller canvas or transferring the image onto wood may have been the safer way to go.

Want some inspiration for how to get this look without making the mistakes I made? Check out this Instagram photo transfer project onto small canvases by Scoutie Girl or this large scale wall art project with images transferred onto wood at Wendolonia. Both are great examples for how to make photo transfer image wall art!

But, all is not lost on my wall art. I liked the size of this canvas for the nursery and I've already moved on with plan B for it... If you look closely at Monday’s post, you may be able to spot a section of the project. I actually like the end result of my second attempt much better than the alphabet art… it was a craft experiment that turned out ok! Stay tuned for result!

July 7, 2014

DIY Child’s Chair with Photo Transfer Medium

Madigan made… an IKEA kid’s chair hack with a photo transfer.

IKEA kids chair hack with photo transfer flower images

This chair is… A little pink. Flower-covered. A tiny size.

Any guesses where I plan to use this cute DIY chair?

If you said our baby girl’s nursery… ding, ding, ding! You’re right!

I couldn’t resist picking up one of these cute SUNDVIK chairs for our little babe when I spotted them at IKEA. And, of course, I had to do a little something to it to make it ‘ours’! A photo transfer image onto the wood seemed like a fun way to customize the chair.

Since I used vintage floral prints in the room, I figured that antique-looking botanicals would be the perfect motif for my project. To keep the chair from looking too fussy or shabby chic, I used only two large, crisp pink and white images.  Allowing a lot of white space and off-setting the flowers gave them a more modern feel.

Let me show you how I made this vintage floral kid’s chair with a photo transfer:

Simple photo transfer project - a DIY kids furniture update 

Supplies used:

(This list contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please refer to my disclosure statement for more info.)

how to photo transfer images to wood with Mod Podge photo transfer

Steps taken:

I did NOT assemble the chair right away… I pulled out the seat and back pieces from the box and looked for prints that would work on each one. I found two free vintage floral images from The Graphics Fairy (a pretty tulip and a petunia). I downloaded the images and changed them from black and white to pink and white using photo editing software.

I printed off the mirror-image of what I wanted for each flower in sizes that would fit the chair. Then, I took the prints to a copy shop and had color photocopies of each of them made. (This is important! Images printed on an ink jet printer will not work.)

Using a craft knife, I carefully cut out each flower shape from the photocopy. I tried not to have any white edges of paper show around the flowers since that would transfer to the wood.

vintage floral decoupage project

Then, I brushed a liberal coat of the photo transfer medium over the ink of the each printed flower (using wax paper or a craft mat underneath to protect my work area).

how to photo transfer images with Mod Podge

I carefully laid each flower glue-side down onto the seat and seat back where I wanted them. I used a squeegee tool to smooth out any bubble in the paper, working from the inside out.

The paper and glue needed to dry for 24 hours. Then, I used a wet rag and lightly dampened the paper. After letting that sit for a minute, I went back with a damp towel and gently started to rub the paper off, revealing the image below. The key is to work slow (or the image could tear) and do not rub too hard (or the image may rub off).

how to transfer images to wood

To protect the transferred image (since it could rub off!), I applied two thin coats of Mod Podge Hard coat formula. (Which is ideal for furniture projects since it is water-based and it dries to a durable finish.)

Mod Podge furniture project

Once everything was dry, I followed the instructions and assembled the chair.

Obviously, our baby won’t use the chair right away, but I set it next to some toy storage we have near her crib. This will make a cute, mini, play area for her some day in her little room.

Baby girl nursery decor with toy storage and DIY chair update

Isn’t this little chair too sweet?? The flowers and colors work perfectly in the room with the other pink and gray elements. Part of me wants to make an adult sized version of this chair for myself!

Vintage floral kids chair - a DIY project with photo transfer medium