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June 30, 2010

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Finding inspiration

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Madigan made... a BIG chalkboard.
I've wanted a BIG chalkboard in the kitchen for a looong time.
Why? I dunno... I just thought one would be fun.

But really, I like the idea of seeing an inspiring phrase in my environment.
While I appreciate vinyl quotes on the wall... I can't settle on one quote that I want to see every day.
(This is the same reason I never got a tattoo in college. I could not think of an image I'm in love with enough to want permanently. But anyways, back to the chalkboard...)

I want to be able to change the phrases around frequently (for the season or an upcoming event or any ol' reason). 
So, a chalkboard seems to fit the need.
Plus, it could serve as another holiday decoration and take up no space. In a small home, that is priceless.

There are a ton of chalkboard paint ideas online: 

Even if all of you have "been there, done that" with chalkboard paint, I wanted to try my hand at using it, too.

This was the before wall decor. It was cute and fruity - but I've had that stuff up for 6+ years either in this kitchen or our old apartment. I was hungry for a change.
(If you were wondering: the fruit prints were old greeting cards I framed and the pears were awesome dollar store finds.)

I've been eyeing the large chalkboards over at Pottery Barn and Ballard Design.
But I was not willing to shell out over $100 for a big chalkboard.

Inspired by so many chalkboard projects, my hunt for a big frame (empty or filled) began.
I found a big framed "lovely" picture at a garage sale for under ten bucks. Pretty, huh?

He measured about 3.5' x 2.5'. I lightly sanded, primed and sprayed the frame a creamy ivory. Once that thoroughly dried, I taped the frame up and applied several coats of chalkboard spray paint to the glass. The eye hooks in the back needed to be shifted to hang vertically.

I pulled down the fruity decor. After patching the walls, I gave the big guy a home here.

He looks a little lonely, doesn't he?
Not sure what, but the wall needs something else. 

Now I am really excited to start using the chalkboard for quotes.
Happy birthdays, holiday wishes, menus, random thoughts.
Can't wait!

As you can see, I already put up a patriotic phrase for the Fourth.

I mentioned this weekend, I have no patriotic decorations (until I made my ribbon fireworks box).
But I gotta tell you - this was the easiest holiday decor.
And I find myself humming the song when I walk through the kitchen.
Did you start humming when you read this post?       See! I knew it would work!

Technically, the chalk was the only thing red, white and blue about this project. (and the 'red' chalk is really pink)
But, the picture (and phrase) is patriotic? I'm thinking it will get you humming and maybe inspire you? 
So, I am proudly linking up to the Stars and Stripes Party at Censational Girl. Go see the other great projects!
I'm just happy this chalkboard turned out the way I had hoped.

(Gotta work on my penmanship. It is hard to write in a straight line vertically! Don't know how teachers do it.)

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