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July 28, 2010

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Collections. Do they represent phases in your life?

Madigan made...  more collections. Pottery and creamware this time!
I posted a recent confession about collections. If you remember, when I was younger, I tried to tell myself not to collect anything for fear of being pigeon-holed (like my mom was with her duck collection). But I found so many collections around my house.  They are pretty things that I love (that happen to look alike).

And I loved the observation from one poster:

This comment rings true for me. I realize that my past and current collections do reflect stages in my life. As a child, I collected jelly bracelets and My Little Ponies (before they came back again... wow, totally showing my age!).

When I was a new homeowner, I started to collect pretty colored ceramic and pottery pieces. Most were a mossy green.

I currently display them (save one) in my china-cabinet-slash-library-cabinet:

And this green collection mirrored my taste in home decor at the time.

When we moved in, part of me needed to make a decorating 'statement'. Bold paint colors were an easy way to get that effect.

Look at the gray-green I painted my family room. It matches my green pottery!
(Side note: the faux finish above the chair rail was already there when we moved in.
I do not typically care for faux finishes. This one was fairly subtle, so I left it.)

I still like green BUT...
Lately, I've been collecting a different color.

Over the past year, I've picked up random pieces of cream or white pottery/ceramics. (at Ikea, thrift stores, flea market, Home Goods etc.)
I love their classic shapes and clean look. They are also easy to mix and match.

It's funny, because as my taste in collections change, my decor preferences have shifted to whiter and brighter, too.

I already want to repaint the family room. ((grins))
I'd love to do a fake board and batten or wainscoting in white. (I can already hear Mr. Madigan's eyes rolling at a new paint project!) Unfortunately, repainting is not at the top of our priority list right now.

But at least I am finally getting around to grouping some of these pieces together:
I know, this space is awkward. I've mentioned before that I'm waiting to eventually extend the counter top in my kitchen. Shelving above that counter top would be a great place to display the creamware.
For now, they look cute on this cart.

My favorite white pieces are the ones with a white satin/matte finish.

Something about that gentle sheen is spa-like and calming.
This might be why I want to change some of my spaces.  I want to evoke more of this feeling.

So, I have to agree with the comment from Anonymous. Collections can mirror a stage of your life (or at least your decorating preferences!).

As always, moms have great words of wisdom. Thanks, Mom!
(Yep, my mom admitted that she was 'Anonymous'! It is ironic, when you consider how much of that post included her.)

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