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August 31, 2010

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Where do I blog?

Madigan made... a cozy workspace.

Where do I blog?

Usually at the desk in our 'den/library'. (It used to be our living room. I'll have to explain more about that another time.)

The desk top is typically that clean. But usually papers and junk are peeking out of  'my basket' (the bigger one on the left). Had to clean up a little for the photo.

{{   Side note: I love that big desk. It was a Pottery Barn model that was on sale. But when we received it, the right corner was cracked. We called PB and were told that we got the last desk top in stock. Apparently they were discontinuing the model but were willing to give us an additional discount. So we kept it. Now that cracked corner is 'character.'   }}

I love the space because it is warm, cozy and comfortable.

And because this is the usual scene behind me:

My blogging buddy. She's there right now, 'assuming the position.'

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