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September 6, 2010

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Ball in play

Madigan made... a box of golf balls.
graphic and modern DIY golf ball art -

My new-found infatuation with ORB (oil rubbed bronze) spray paint continues.

After I made the bronze sports statue for our sports themed basement, I wanted to spray something else bronze.
I needed another accessory. I decided to paint golf balls. Why not?

Mr. Madigan enjoys playing golf. He often finds lost golf balls out on the course.
He's gathered quite a few over the years.

I thought they might look cute mounted in the back of an old square shelf. I stole took 16 golf balls for this project.
After a little cleaning, they got a coat of ORB. So did a square of plywood (to attach to the back of the shelf).

I sprayed the golf balls and waited till one side dried. Then I flipped the balls over to spray the other side.
(I tried not to let them roll around. Round objects are not easy to paint!)

Once I sprayed everything, I attached the wood to the back of the shelf.
I used a combination of a dot of super glue and a glue gun to attach each golf ball in the back.

graphic and modern DIY golf ball art -
I like the graphic grouping of the golf balls and the sheen of the ORB.

I set the 'box of balls' next to a matching smaller square shelf.

I left the back of that shelf open and just used it to display a vintage baseball.

(At least I think it is vintage. It could be a current ball with lots of dirt on it. I'm a sucker at a flea market when the seller calls something  'antique.')

What else can I spray with ORB?

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