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September 27, 2010

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Double the fun: hang a frame within a frame

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Madigan made... a picture in a picture frame.

I bought this chunky frame for $10 at an antique store. I initially intended to make a frame wreath, like the one over at Blue Cricket Design
But I did not realize how big this frame was until I got it home.

Yikes! And it was rather heavy, too.

 So, I needed to revamp my plans. Instead of a wreath, I thought this frame would look great with another picture mounted on the inside of it.  I loved the fruit prints I pulled down to hang my big chalkboard in my kitchen. I wanted to keep one or two of those prints in the kitchen and I hoped this might be a way to make it work.

We have quite a few red accents in our kitchen, so I primed then sprayed the entire frame and painting with Rustoleum's Colonial Red.

The red seemed a little bright, so I used antiquing glaze to highlight the details of the frame. I also painted the interior field area with black craft paint.

(prior to antiquing and black paint)

To hang the interior frame, I just used picture hanging strips! (like my plate wall)

The beauty of this set up is that I can change out the frame with something else.

Maybe I can change around the pictures for the holidays? Hmm. I already have some ideas!

I hung the double frame above the little cart in our kitchen. I love that extra hit of red in the room.

Double bonus? It covers the ugly phone jack we never use:

I will post another project soon about the seasonal decor I made for the cart shelves.
Wait until later this week!