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September 29, 2010

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Just white pumpkins?

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Madigan made...    simple white pumpkins.

I promised earlier this week to show you the seasonal fall decor I made for my kitchen cart.

I thought a bunch of pumpkins would look cute where my creamy white pottery typically sits:

There are a TON of cute pumpkin decor ideas out there.
I owned a few random little pumpkins and bought a few more (at the dollar store, craft stores etc).

Some were foam. Some were ceramic. All were cheap.

The pumpkins received a couple coats of white spray paint. (I had two different brands of paint, so I end up with two slightly different shades of white.)

Then, I debated.
Do I antique them? Add a little sparkle? Color the stems? Paint a pattern or letters? (y'all know I love letters and words.)

But no.
My instincts told me to leave them alone.
(Especially after my recent failed attempt at another paint technique. I was afraid to try a mercury glass look again.)

I need to remember: simple is always better.
I'm so glad I listened to my gut.

Just white pumpkins? Just enough for me.

( Did you miss the red double frame in a frame tutorial earlier this week?
I love it here in the kitchen above the cart. The interior frame will be fun to change around at some point.  )