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October 10, 2010

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Halloween decor: more black, white and red ideas

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Madigan made...  a scary kitchen cart.

OK, I know I mentioned last week that I prefer vintage/classic/spooky Halloween decor over fun and cute.
I also commented that I try to edit my decorations and keep things simple.
This display sort of crosses both lines.
It is a little cute and a little busy. But this is Halloween, right?
I said I try to edit. I don't always succeed, but I try.

The scene is black, white and red and fits with some of my other Halloween decor.

I broke up the simple white pumpkin display after I found these darling white ghosts.
Can you believe I found them at the grocery store
A few of the pumpkins stayed on the shelf and a few moved over to my kitchen table vignette.

Remember the frame I painted and hung another frame within it? Well, I knew this set up could easily change for the holidays.
I took down the original apple print and found an old red frame.
I hung the smaller red frame on top of the bigger one with more picture hanging strips.

I created the sign on my computer and had it printed as an 8x10" photo at a local photo shop.
~Free printable alert~
If you click on the picture below and save the image as a picture, you can do the same!
(Or make your own version on your computer.)

I grouped all the painted dollar store gravestones on a metal tray below the picture. My little cemetery!
I love decorating with trays. It is so easy to move the junk stuff out of the way when we need the work surface. Perfect for a kitchen.

The easy glass eyeballs were a quirky, last minute idea. But they seem to pop against the dark tray.

Even if this display borders on 'cute', I still think it is classic and spooky.