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October 13, 2010

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A "no-sew" dog costume

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Madigan made... a "no-costume" costume for little Madigan.

 {  Did ya catch my guest post this week with Jen at Tatertots and Jello? Yep, that was me!
That rag wreath inspired this 'costume' project. }

I think there are two types of dog owners:

The ones that love to dress up their dog and the ones that do not.

I usually fall into the latter category.

But for some reason I decided to sew a simple costume for our dog's first Halloween.
Can you guess what she was? Floppy flower or pink jester?

Yeah..... hard to tell, right?

That project was the nail in the coffin for my costume design career.

After that disaster, I decided not to put a costume on the dog ever again. But part of me still wanted her to look cute for the holiday.

So in recent years, I just tied a hankerchief around her neck that I cut from Halloween fabric.

It was festive, but NOT a costume.

I wanted to update that idea this year.
The black rag wreath inspired me. So, I tried to make a wreath-like collar for the dog.

I saw these rag/ribbon pet collars online and in pet stores.

Here's how I made my {free} version with scraps and ribbon.

First, I took some cording and tied it comfortably around little Madigan's neck. I slipped off the cording and glued the knot to secure it. I trimmed off the excess cord.

Then I scoured my supplies for Halloween-inspired fabric and ribbon.

I loved the swirled flower fabric. I never knew quite what to do with this fabric. I liked how the colors looked like Halloween and were not such a literal translation.

So, I cut ribbon and ripped up a bunch of fabric strips:

Similiar to my black rag wreath, I tied the pieces on one by one to the cording. I worked my way around the whole thing and cover over the knot.

And I ended up with this:

Kinda looks like a little wreath, right?

Finally, I needed to treat and bribe my dog to hold still while I put the wreath over her head.
I offered even more treats while I snapped her picture.

(What's the wet spot on the deck? Her treat used to sit there. :::grins:::)

By the way,

I could not stop smiling when I wrote this post. C'mon, look how cute little Madigan is?

And because she is so stinking cute you'll want to see the details, I need to show you more pictures!