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December 8, 2010

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Bring on the sparkle and shine. {to our Christmas tree}

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Madigan made...       a pretty tree.

Is your tree up yet?
Our tree went up this weekend. And now I feel it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Do you change your tree's color or theme every year?  I remember growing up that my mom would change ours around every couple of years. Often, she changed out the color of the accent balls and ribbon. This was during the 80's, when peach and pale blue were hot.

For our tree, I do not really change it much. It is decorated in mostly reds, golds, metallics, greens and some jewel tones, which keeps the look pretty traditional. I use wide gold mesh ribbon and crystal string as garland.

I like large glass ornaments with a classic shape in a mercury or crackle finish. Round, oblong, egg, onion shapes all work for me. Many were gifts, or ones I picked up here and there (often at end-of-season sales).

Some of the glass ornaments are made to look old, while some really are old.
I hunt for vintage ornaments when I am at flea markets. They may have been shiny at one point. But the chippier the finish, the better, in my opinion. Can you spot the two antiques in the pic below?
One ball that is old and really special is this big ol' green one. It was my grandfather's German Christmas Kugel and is a family heirloom. I love the finish on it! (ignore the blurry woman reflected the ball, though!)

The other accents I used are what I dub, "bejeweled nature elements". I added little beaded or shiny fruit, gold glass acorns and pinecones, gilded leaves, etc. I even used some of the beaded icicles I made this year. And our personal ornaments (wedding, new home, the pup, etc) are sprinkled in throughout the tree.

The burgundy tree skirt is velvet. It actually is an old curtain panel that used to hang in our bedroom when we first moved in. I just wrapped and draped it around the base in a little velvet puddle. Easy and free! Love!

 I don't know about you, but I love to sit in the room at night for a minute and just gaze at the tree and the pretty lights. I used to do this as a kid, too (and ogle at all the presents, of course).

There really is something special about a Christmas tree. I normally try to show some restraint with 'bedazzling' elements any other time of year. But I just love a tree that sparkles and shines.

One final comment:
What I did not notice, until hubby pointed it out, (AFTER I took these pics!) is that the tree leaned a little to the left. Did you notice?

Don't worry... We fixed it.