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December 7, 2010

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The littlest chalkboards and subway art {ornament idea}

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Madigan made... tiny subway art and chalkboards.

 There are TONS of different chalkboard labels and tags all over the internet. And I remember seeing cute chalkboard labels made from light switch covers on someones blog. (I am sooo upset that I could not find the post where I originally saw them. It was many months ago. I searched Google, my Google Reader etc with no luck. If this is you - let me know, cuz I want to give you the credit!) Update: I found it! Read more about my inspiration at Less-than-Perfect Life of Bliss.
I also saw an ornament in a paper crafting magazine that was made from a square dimmer light switch cover with a picture in the opening (like a picture frame).
These ideas were the source of this project for me. I made a bunch of these little signs from switch plate covers for the craft fair I went to in November.

These are so simple to make, I thought you might be interested in a quick ornament or gift project for the holidays. So, go to your local hardware store and grab some metal light switch covers. You can pick them up for a buck or less.

I spray painted several of the switch plates with chalkboard paint and strung some ribbon through them to hang. You can write your own saying this way. (Yes, you do have to write really small with chalk. It is not easy! I think those chalkboard markers might be easier. Got to try those soon!)

Note: all the horizontal signs needed a dab of hot glue to hold the ribbon flat against the back.

I also left some of the switch plates plain white (or nickel) and cut some phrases out on vinyl. A little ribbon and an occasional decorative over-sized brad finished them off.

Then, I took a few rub-on images and adhered them to the white plates. I love the black and white!

Finally, I created a mini subway art image on my computer. I printed it out on blue card stock, adhered it to cardboard with Mod Podge and hot glued it to the back of a dimmer switch plate.The words peek through the 'frame'.

Oh wait, you want this subway art printable? I will share, of course! Just right click on the image and save as a picture. (personal use only, please)

Sorry for some of the dim pics. I used a white peg board to display things at the craft fair and shot the pics  on it as I was practicing setting up my table. I was in a hurry and wanted to snag some quick pics to show you. I guess I worried I might sell out of them... but I didn't!

At the craft fair, my pitch was that all these signs could be hung on a doorknob, on a wall, or on a tree as an ornament. Just a little sign with inspiring words ('cause I love words, remember?) or an image to hang in your home.

Well, my spiel did not really find a customer. These little signs generated very little interest at the craft fair. They are a little odd and quirky. Oh well, I'll hang onto them and try again!

I put a few on our tree to show you how they could look. (And yes, those are beaded icicles in the background. Another easy ornament idea!)

So, you are getting a little sneak peek of our tree. I will show it to you later this week!