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December 13, 2010

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Make a quick gift: Glass gem magnets

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Madigan made... (more) glass marble magnets.

Need a quick and easy homemade gift for the holiday? This one is super easy.

Glass gem magnet ideas can be found all over bloggy land in a number of different variations. I made them for little gifts several times before.

I created a bunch of these packs for the craft fair in November and displayed them on this ceramic tray.

This is kind of a re-post of sorts. Most of you probably missed my tutorial on how to make these magnets.
Please read that post for the full set of instructions.

It was one of my very first tutorials. Be kind.

I like to package the magnets up in a clear treat bag and matching paper. This time, I glued tiny washers to the back of a folded piece of card stock to keep the magnets from sliding around inside the bag. Then I cut out coordinating paper. I folded that over and secured it to the bag with staples. Another strip of paper covered the staples.

 I've also packaged the magnets up in little metals tins. They look pretty cute that way, too.

I imagine that this project could be a fun craft with kids, too. Some tutorials advise using a silicone glue or hot glue, which could be dangerous. I use a jewelry glue (i.e. GemTac or Jewel It). It holds strong, dries crystal clear, is non-toxic and easy to clean up (read: not as risky to use).

So, if you need a little gift for a stocking stuffer, coworker, teacher gift, etc. try making these gems. My prior tutorial is here.