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December 5, 2010

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Milk glass Christmas trees {and a free printable}

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Madigan made... painted winter trees and a {free} printable.

DIY Milkglass Christmas Trees.

It appears I have a thing for white ceramics lately.

Shall we count the ways? (click the text to see the related posts)
  1. I mentioned awhile ago how I love creamy pottery.
  2. When I could not find enough plates for a wall display, I made my own cream ware dishes.
  3. Simple painted white pumpkins graced my kitchen cart in the fall.
  4. Adorable ceramic white ghosts replaced the pumpkins in October.
  5. I modernized blue ceramic birds with a crisp coat of white spray paint.

...And the obsession continues!

I loved the recent crisp white decor on my kitchen cart. So I knew I wanted something white there for Christmas, too.

If I couldn't find it, I knew I could just spray paint something, right? I did not see much in the stores and I envisioned a little forest of white trees on the kitchen cart.

So, I trotted off to Goodwill looking for various trees to spray paint. I had my hands on several random ceramic trees, when I saw these candy jars. 

C'mon, you know someone that used to (or still does) have one of these trees!

My failed attempt at mercury glass inspired me to consider painting the inside of them. After that debacle with acrylic craft paint, I figured that spray paint would adhere better to the inside of the glass. (read more about my try at mercury glass here.)

So, I took three jars home and snagged two little glass trees, too.

I cleaned them thoroughly with alcohol and then wrapped the outside of the jars and lids tightly with plastic and tape.

Then I spray painted several thin coats of white on the inside.

To reach some of the corners, I sprayed several seconds then kinda swirled the container around so the paint would reach those spots. I let them dry for 15 minutes and came back and sprayed a little more to some areas that looked thin.

I'm not gonna lie to you. This was a messy job!

I removed the plastic and was SO excited to see the result! I think the jars look like milk glass, don't you?

The two little trees just got a few coats of spray paint. They sort of look like milk glass? Ok, maybe just white ceramic trees. But they are cute, too.

Either way, I love milk glass and I think all these trees look fab!

I only own two pieces of milk glass. I showed you my grandmother's Fenton cake stand in October. I have a tray that matches it, too. Now I have "knock-off" milk glass, too!

DIY Milkglass Christmas Trees.

The trees sit in my kitchen cart on shiny silver aluminum trays.

I added "snow" and some silver letters, too. I picked up the letters several years ago on clearance at Pottery Barn. (I only used one little tree. I found another place for the other one.)

{{ Tip: Sea salt or Epsom salts are a thrifty way to achieve the look of snow! }}

A matching silver bowl sits on top of the cart. It will start to fill up with our Christmas cards soon. (There a a few in there already... We know a couple of go-getter's who already got them in the mail. Yikes! I have not even thought about mine yet. I tend to be a last minute gal with my cards.)

Also, I changed out my picture frame (on top of a picture frame) again. Just like the October and November print, I made the image on my computer and got it printed at a local photo shop as an 8"x10".

And again, this print is free for you to use, too! (personal use only)

Just right click on the image and save it as a picture.

I'm so happy to have my own milk glass Christmas trees. Painting things white makes them feel so fresh and modern.

Gosh, I think I need to watch myself, though. This is starting to turn into an addiction.

Is there a Thrifty Ceramic Painters Anonymous?   ;D

DIY Milkglass Christmas Trees and free print

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