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December 1, 2010

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New month, new quote {December}

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Madigan made...  A new monthly chalkboard quote and festive changes.

Well, it is that time of the month again!
Time for another quote on the chalkboard. For those of you new to this blog, I change my chalkboard quote once a month. Sometimes, (like in October and now this month) I will also change some of the decor around the chalkboard, too.

I changed around the plates on the wall again. Remember, I hung them with picture hanging strips that made it sooo easy to change the plates around.

I kept up the four DIY creamware plates I made.
For the holidays, I added some graphic black and red plates.
These were a gift (from someone who knows all too well that I love to decorate with black!).
Aren't they darling? 

I also added two of the leftover vinyl snowflake decal plates that I made for last weekend's craft fair. I thought they complemented the other plates.

Since the plates around the board would add interest, I wanted to write a simple quote this month.
This phrase was perfect for me. (My handwriting? meh...)

Finally, I changed out the table centerpiece. I wanted the candle slightly elevated, so I figured a trifle dish could stand in for a hurricane vase. I think it's doing a fine job as a vase, don't you?!

Fresh cranberries and a berry wreath on a tray were just enough for a simple and festive centerpiece. I like simple holiday decor, remember?

The fall decor is all packed up. I started with this display for the holidays. Now, I am slowly working my way around the house to put out the holiday decorations.  I can never seem to set it all out in one day. I chip away at it bit by bit.

I'll show you more soon. Oh, and more handmade gift ideas, too. (I have quite a few from the recent craft fair)

BTW - I love showing you my monthly quote. It really motivates me to stay up-to-date with the seasons. I hope you enjoy seeing them, too!