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December 31, 2010

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Twenty-ten favorites: yours & mine

Madigan made... a recap of 2010 favorites.

Twenty-eleven is almost here!

And I can't believe I have been blogging for 7 months now!

With the year almost over, I thought I'd share some favorite projects with you for the past (half) year.

First, I want to show you my favorite 5 projects. Then, I will show you YOUR favorites!

My Favorites from this Year:

#1: My BIG chalkboard

I already wrote an ode to my chalkboard Wednesday. It is simple, but this project is undoubtedly my fav.

#2: Scarf Wine Bag
I rarely have 'lightbulb' moments or original ideas (usually I am inspired by someone else). But lightning struck in the dollar store and these easy (and cheap) wine bags were born.

#3: Sports Ticket Art
This framed sport ticket art project is near and dear to my hubby's heart. This is literally his hobby, his passion, in a frame. How could I not include it as one of our favorites?

#4 and #5: Simple White Spray Paint Projects: Pumpkins and Birds

I combined these two into one group since they are so similar. This year I learned the power of clean, simple and white objects. And they looked particularly good in our kitchen! I spray painted a bunch of pumpkins and some cute ceramic birds. (& one more white spray project is below, too)

OK, now here are YOUR favorites...
(based on number of page views per Google Analytics)

You gals have some great taste! These were some of my favorite projects, too.

#5: Fabric Shopping Bag Holder (this also was my most commented on post)

#4: My Simple Holiday Home Tour

#3: October's Monthly Chalkboard Quote and Spooky Vignette

#2: Milk Glass Christmas Trees

And drum roll....please? What is still the most viewed post?

#1: Paint your own White Creamware Dishes

I heard that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a top 2010 Project link party. You will probably see me (and this post) over there!

And I'll be linking this post over at: Tatertots and Jello  and Be Different, Act Normal. They are having some favorite posts/projects parties, too.

Talk to you next year!