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January 5, 2011

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Two free wintertime and Valentine's printables for you

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Madigan made... free printables for you! 

Ok, our Christmas crap stuff is finally packed away. I tackled it bit by bit this past week and we wrestled and smushed the tree back in the box last night. (After 4 holidays, I keep waiting for that box to break, yet it still holds up!)

Do you ever get weary of changing around holiday decor? I do.

I'm usually excited in the fall to break out new decor. And I get giddy when December rolls around to put up the tree. But by this point in the year, I am DONE with all the changes. By the time I pack everything away... I do NOT want to make any more changes.

Case in point... let me tell you about my frame-in-a-frame.

Remember the red frame with another frame mounted on top of it that hangs in our kitchen? (You can read more about how I made that frame in this post.)

I made it so that the frame could easily be changed out with a different one. By design, I planned to change the frame around for the holidays.

And it really was fun creating and changing the 'subway art' for each holiday.
(You can still nab these printables! Just click on each holiday for the link: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

As I mentioned above - I do not feel like another change. I decided that I am DONE changing this frame out for awhile.

I need some normalcy back in our decor. The apple print is back to stay... for awhile.

But here's the thing...
I already created some prints for this month and February. In case you were interested in them, I thought I would share.

Just click on the pics below, right click on the image and "save as a picture". You could print them out yourself or take them to a photo developing place, like I did. (I printed them as an 8x10)

For a wintertime print:

And for Valentine's Day:

And, yes, I made some prints for the spring and summer, too. But again I am doubtful I will use them in this frame. I will share with you, though!