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February 16, 2011

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DIY painted milkglass apothecary jars

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Madigan made...   milk glass apothecary jars.

Yesterday in this post, I proclaimed that the apothecary jar trend was over.

OK, maybe it is not over... but the trend is over in our house.

I was tired of changing out my vase filler every season. And, quite honestly, I just wanted a change.

I did not want to get rid of the vases. I liked the shape and scale of them. I just wanted to give them a little more impact. 

If you read this blog... then you know I have a penchant for painting objects white.  White seemed like the obvious choice for these jars!

I wanted to paint on the inside of the vases and I followed the exact same steps I used to make my milkglass trees. (You can find that post here.)

Psst. You won't need 4 cans of white spray paint. Less than one can should be enough.
Why do I have four cans? Um, 'cause I'm always worried I will run out. I use this stuff a lot, remember?

Supplies needed:
Jars of different sizes
Plastic bags
Masking tape
White spray paint
Cleaning solution (I use isopropyl alcohol)


1. Clean out the inside of the vases. 

2. Tape a plastic bag around the outside of the jars and lids. Seal tightly around the rims with masking tape.

3. Using white spray paint, spray multiple thin coats on the inside of each vase. You may need to swirl the vase around to get the paint to cover hard to reach areas. (you might want to wear gloves, it can be messy)

  • Yes, these pictures show that I was a crazy woman and spray painted in the snow! I've had such cabin fever lately... that one day when the temperature rose above 40 degrees I decided to spray outside. It was cold, but this was fortunately a quick project.

4. Allow paint to dry. Touch up any thin spots.

I love the vases in white. They remind me of milk glass. They look clean, simple and crisp.

You can really see the silhouette of each vase now and they do not get 'lost' anymore on the hutch.

Do you have any apothecary jars?

I admit that using different vase filler is an easy way to decorate for the seasons. But I am really partial to my white jars now. And I can stop worrying about how I'm going to fill them each season.

Would you consider changing your jars to an opaque color?
May I suggest white?