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March 26, 2011

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Easter Wreath FAIL {the malted milk ball mess}

Madigan made...   a chocolate and hot glue accident!

Time for a little test today! No worries, it should be pretty easy.

WHY did I think making a wreath out of malted milk balls would be a good idea?

A. I had a minor lapse in crafter's judgement.

B. I was too distracted by the fact that I gave up candy/sweets for Lent that the thought of just touching candy was exciting. (Side note: I'm only skipping sweets Mon-Fri. I knew I would cheat if I tried to give it up entirely. Considering I used have treats every day.... Mon-Fri has still been a test for me.  But I have a little treat on the weekend. I'm not craving sweets as much, which is good for my health, too!)

C. I have not eaten a malted milk ball in a veeery long time to remember that they are coated in chocolate?  And that chocolate would potentially melt around a heat source, like a glue gun?

D. All of the above

Congrats to all of you that picked choice "D"! I don't have a prize, but you get a crafty "A" in my book! You smart DIYers would probably not make my silly mistake!

OK. Here's they story:

I wanted to make an Easter wreath covered in tiny eggs and then spray paint the whole thing white. (I love painting things white, remember?)

Sounds cute, right?

I was looking for tiny plastic or wooden eggs at the dollar store... and then I saw these malted milk balls.

I've seen plenty of bloggers show off their wreaths made from candy...
Silly me did not stop to think about the fact the sweets they used had a hard candy coating or were covered in a wrapper.

I just saw those little candy eggs and got so excited. I bought several bags.

And well, you can see what happened when I tried to glue them down. It wasn't pretty.

Now I have a bunch of malted milk balls.

And now I remember why I have not had one in a long time... Malted milk balls do not taste very good.
They taste like chalk (or moth balls, if you are my husband).

So, I have two words of warning:
Don't try this wreath!
And spend your money on more satisfying Easter candy! (like chocolate and coconut)

(Don't worry, I did come up with an Easter wreath eventually. Stay tuned for it later next week!)