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March 29, 2011

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Easy Egg and Raffia Easter Wreath

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Madigan made...   a pretty green and white spring wreath.

This wreath was easy enough to make but it was NOT what I had envisioned.
I think accidents happen for a reason... because I love how the current wreath turned out!

After I showed you my spring foyer vignette yesterday, I thought I'd show you more about how I made this Easter egg wreath.

And if you read this post on Saturday, you'll see that I attempted, miserably, to make a wreath out of chocolate malted milk balls. I wanted to attach the eggs with glue, then spray paint the whole wreath white. Using my hot glue gun was a mistake that turned into a sticky disaster!

But I did not let that set back slow me down.

I just stripped the melted milk ball mess off the wreath form and waded through my craft supplies and old Easter decor for a solution.

To make this wreath, I took the flat wooden wreath form and glued down some leftover egg vase filler I had from prior spring seasons. I did not really need all the vase filler anymore since I no longer need to fill my apothecary jars with decor. (I painted the jars white, remember?)

I spray painted the eggs a creamy porcelain white. It was not 'enough', so I found this green raffia in my craft stash.

I picked up the raffia a while ago at a dollar store. At the time, I was not sure what to do with it. I just loved the color.

Something about raffia screams bad 1980's country crafts. You know what I mean. That was a time when crafts were either colonial blue, wooden cutouts and/or plastered with hearts. They often were covered in raffia bows and poufs, too.

Hopefully my version of a raffia wreath is a little more updated.

I did not open up the raffia to make bows or poufs. I just took the raffia rope and kept weaving and wrapping it around the eggs and wreath form until it looked right.  I glued down sections and pieces of the raffia in the back with hot glue.

I love how the wreath turned out! I hung it with a wide pink ribbon for a preppy spring feel.

It was not the wreath I originally wanted to make, but it works.
In hindsight, I'm glad I did not make it out of chocolate!
This wreath is not perishable. It will not attrach bugs.
It will NOT melt in the sun and I can save it for next year!

Have you ever had a project that went awry but you were able to come up with an even better solution?