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March 2, 2011

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Make your own faux stained glass foyer window

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Madigan made...    a stained glass look window.

Do you have a little and long window next to your front door?
Do you ever struggle with what to use for a window covering?

I did.
When we moved in, I couldn't stand the old sheers that hung over our window.
They looked a little too fussy for me. I knew they 'had to go.'

I wanted something that allowed light to filter inside.
It also had to provide privacy... but still allow me to peek outside and see who was at our front door.
And, of course, it had to be simple.

My solution: DIY painted stained glass.

See: privacy and I can still peek out!

Want to know how create your own stained glass window?

Follow these steps:

1. Grab some stained glass paint, "lead" strips and  liquid "leading" from the craft store.

2. Clean the glass.

3. Come up with a design for the windows. I kept ours simple with framed rectangles and boxes. Straight lines are easy to make with the lead strips.

4. Adhere the "lead" strips to the glass in your desired design. I first used 1/2 inch painter's tape on the glass to guide my straight lines.

5.  "Solder" the joints of the lead stickers with the leading liquid.

6. Take your stained glass paint and fill in the desired areas. You can vary the paint techniques to achieve different textures in the 'glass'. You can just brush it on thick for a smooth look - like the amber corners in mine. Or you can use a sponge and dab it on for a mottled look - like my frosted wavy glass in the center.

7. Allow to dry and enjoy your pretty new window!

The beauty of working with these paints is that if you make a mistake, the paint can be scraped off. The paint is not permanent. This is also an advantage when you go to resell your home. Let's face it, not all buyers may appreciate your personalized design in glass.

I did this project about 4 years ago. When we want to sell our house, I can just scrape the design off.

And I can prove that the paint will not last forever. I have one area that is thinning and needs some touching up:

 But I think I'd be fighting a losing battle to keep that area maintained.    Why?

Well, here is the reason for that thinning spot:

Someone's hot little breath is slowly making a 'hole' in our stained glass.
Oh well. It's hard to be upset about the reason, especially when she is so darn cute!