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April 2, 2011

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Repost: Looseleaf Paper Dry Erase Board (from a tile!)

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Madigan made...   a tile into a dry erase board!

Did you catch my Five Dollar Challenge guest post project with the CSI Girls a couple weeks ago?

I thought I'd show you some of the highlights.

I made this loose leaf inspired dry erase memo board out of a piece of white tile.

I remembered that my sister-in-law made small dry erase boards from 4"x6" tile in the past.
Can I tell you how excited I was to find these big 8"x10" tiles instead?? For $1.07 each?

Once I saw that the tile was close to the size of a piece of paper, I immediately knew the memo board needed to be a 'loose leaf' paper. (This loose leaf project from Flamingo Toes inspired me, too.)

Want to know how to make one of these memo boards?

Please go back to the original post for the full detailed tutorial.

But in a nutshell, I took  an 8"x10" white glazed tile and masked off lines to represent a looseleaf paper.
I painted the lines using enamel craft paints (red and black). Then I baked the paint on in the oven.

I attached a small piece of hook and loop tape to the back of the tile and around a dry erase marker cap and displayed the tile in a plate stand.

The dry erase marker will easily wipe off the glazed tile with a damp cloth. But the baked on lines should stay put.

Wouldn't these memo boards be cute for a student's desk,
dorm room or teacher's gift?

And they are cheap to make!
Want to see the cost break down of my supplies?

It was fun sharing this project with the CSI Project readers.
Thanks, again, Jen, Amanda and Beckie!!

P.S. - I want to give a humongous thank you to Dollar Store Crafts. If you can believe it, my little blog is named in their list of 65 craft blogs they love. Wow.
You must see this list - there are some simply outstanding blogs there. And somehow, my little blog is mentioned with them. I am still pinching myself and waiting to wake up... because I can't believe it.
Thanks Heather and Rhonda!