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June 21, 2011

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Update an Old Globe with Thumbtacks

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Madigan made... a thumb tack covered globe.

Ever wonder what would happen if a globe, vase filler decor  and a disco ball had a baby?
I realize three things can't have a baby, but you get the analogy, I hope!

And the godmother to this newborn would be... none other than a website. 

Huh?!? Are you wondering what the heck I am talking about? Well, I'm talking about my inspiration and my new favorite creative tool. 

This project is a demonstration in the power of Pinterest

Let me explain:

I bought a globe at Home Goods a while back with the full intention of making a mini chalkboard globe for our foyer (like this awesome globe from Under the Table and Dreaming).

But then I saw this disco ball globe via Pinterest. And then I noticed that sitting a few slots over in my home accessories pin board  were these thumbtack vase filler balls. Please look at the pin board or go check out both links, they are awesome.

Can you see the little light bulb that went off in my head? I wondered what would happen if you combined these ideas.

Well, you can now see what the baby of those ideas would look like:

Want to make one? 
Grab a little globe (I'm seeing them a lot in Marshalls and Home Goods lately) and follow these steps:

1. Disassemble the globe. (don't lose any little pieces. There were two little plastic washers at either end of this globe.)
2. Spray paint the base your choice of color. (I used ORB)
3. You probably do not need to do this, but I also painted the globe black. (Cover one half with paint and allow to dry for about 30-40 minutes. Flip over and cover the other half.)

4.  Trim the straight pins off the back of each thumb tack using wire cutters. Be careful, the pin can go flying! I suggest cutting over a cup or bowl so you can catch as many pins as you can in there.

5. Fire up the glue gun. Using hot glue, attach each tack head to the globe, overlapping slightly. I started at one end and worked in a circle and gradually glued my way across the whole globe.  I used almost 6 boxes of tacks to cover the whole thing.
6. Reattach the globe to the base. Given that the tacks increased the diameter of the sphere, I only used one plastic washer at each end.

Not gonna lie, the whole process took a couple of nights in front of the TV to complete. It was a tedious job. But I love the end result!

Just to let you know: I'm on a globe kick, because I made another one, too. It was also inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.  It is a little  more personal, and I think I like that one even more.

Be sure to come back, you won't want to miss it!

I'm planning to use both globes in our foyer. Yep, the foyer table moved to a new location.

I found a piece of furniture that is a little more functional.  Want a sneak peek? (Hint: the globe is sitting on it.)

Who knew?
Disco ball + globe + thumbtack vase filler = unique decor and conversation piece.

 And it was all because of a little chance inspiration. If you are not on Pinterest yet, go ask for an invite now. I know I never would have come up with this crazy combo without the vast ideas I see on that site. (I think Beth still has an invite link up on her site.)

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