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July 28, 2011

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Thrifting finds: What I discovered lately

Madigan made...    thrifting treasures.

Aside from the great finds I shared with you from the Philadelphia I Love Thrifting day...

...I thought it would be fun to show you some of my recent finds from this summer so far.

Above are two brass pieces, a bird and a large key, that I found at a local thrift store. I love the quail, especially. It reminds me of the ceramic quails that I found and painted white last fall.

If you told me 5 years ago that I would be writing the following sentence, I would not believe you.

But I'm sorta liking gold and brass these days.

I know. Brass normally conjures up visions of bad 80's... anything. It is making a comeback in fashion and home decor.
And used in a thoughtful and sparing way, I think brass can be both warm and modern looking.  Don't believe me? Check out the pin board I created on Pinterest.

After a little cleaning, I'm hoping to use these two brass pieces as accents in our den. (where I also plan to hang the gold sunburst mirror I am working on)

And here is more gold! I found this gold, stretchy belt and floral ribbon this past week at a flea market. Not sure if I will use the belt as a belt, or do something with it. Because it is stretchy, the belt fits around my hips and higher for an empire silhouette, so it might be nice to keep "as is".

I love the combination of the white + pink + red + gold in the ribbon. In fact, it reminds me of the colors going on in my china-cabinet-posing-as-a-bookshelf. Maybe I can make something with the ribbon for that room? Hmmm.

I scored all of these white creamware pieces in one day at a flea market!
If you read my blog often, you know I love white ceramic pieces and painting things white. All of these discoveries will easily find a place in my home.

The ironstone pitcher was 1 dollar!! I love matte white glazed pottery, so I couldn't pass up on the Hull & McCoy square planter.

AND - my FAVORITE  find of the day was the white ceramic kitchen canisters.
The seller told me they were originally from Williams and Sonoma. They were not marked on the bottom and I was not 100% sure if they really were from WS, but I did not care.
They were a great size and a classic shape. For 10 bucks, they were all MINE!  

Again - more whiteware! But this time in the form of milk glass!

I found the vase on the right in a consignment shop, the middle vase at a thrift store and the planter on the left at a garage sale. The total for all 3 was around $4.

When it comes to milkglass, or really any piece of creamware, I am quite picky. (Heck, I'll make my own milkglass, if I have to!) To me, milk glass can look a little fussy and uber-country at times. I look for clean and classic shapes. I like how all 3 of these white pieces are simple in their details and profile. 

I looove the leaf texture on the middle vase. The finish on in it is a matte white, so I'm not even sure if it is milkglass or just a white ceramic piece. For the purposes of the post - let's call it milkglass.

Can you tell I love white ceramics? I clearly might need an intervention soon!

How about you? Any great finds this summer?

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