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August 18, 2011

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My Colorful {ombre} Basement Craft Storage

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Madigan made... simple storage ideas and solutions for craft supplies.

I told you I was on an ombre/paint chip kick, wasn't I?

Earlier this week I showed you an ombre jewelry slide I made from a money clip and the details about the rubber stamp storage solution with gradient colors.

Well, paint chips and ombre patterns inspired my revamped craft storage space! Let me show you around...

Warning: This post is JAM PACKED with pictures and ideas. I decided to show you the whole space at once today. Some of these ideas are pretty self-explanatory. But I may come back and give you more detailed tutorials in the future about some of the projects. Speak up and let me know if there is something you wanted to hear more about!

I keep most of my craft supplies in the unfinished section of our basement. But it is always a struggle to keep the area neat and pretty.

Shall we look at the sad before pictures?

It wasn't all that bad. The storage was functional, but not very cohesive or cute.  (And don't ask me why I used a feather boa above the ribbon. I'm not sure. I think I was looking for some way to make the area fun. A feather boa can probably only make drag queens fun - not ribbon storage!)

We have these heavy-duty shelves all around our basement (you can find them at any home improvement store). I had one set of shelves set up like a long workbench. But the horizontal surface ended up being more of a dumping ground for my crap crafts than functional work space.

So, I've been slowly sorting, shifting and transforming the space to 'go vertical' over the past several months.
I rearranged the shelves to stack on top of each other. I also added peg board to one end of the shelving unit and part of the wall between the shelves and the door. This little nook turned out to be valuable square footage!!

To make the space pretty... I was also inspired by this soft watercolor fabric that I found at the I <3 Thrifting Day in July

(The dog liked the fabric... but she was not much help in the sewing department!)

With the fabric, I sewed covers for my sewing machine and crafty cutter. I also used it to make a dry erase memo board for the back of the door.  And I used left over fabric strips and dyed bar towels for "curtains" to hide my fabric and paper stash on the shelves.

I also wanted to mimic the ombre/paint chip dressers that I''ve spotted out in bloggy land. (for a few examples, check out my ombre pin board)

I already had these rolling plastic carts. I thought they'd look cute with that color block treatment.  I took scrapbook paper and decoupaged the paper to the inside of each drawer front. Then, I took black vinyl and cut out labels with my crafty cutter. Adding the label in the lower corner makes them sort of look like big paint chips, don't you think?

But we're getting a little side tracked! There is a ton of stuff to show you, so let's work our way left to right across the space.

First is the tall shelving unit:

Let's look at the shelves...

A. The top of the shelf is lined with baskets (Ikea finds from years ago). To make the baskets coordinate, I layered gradient scrapbook paper colors on top of each other and popped them in  page protectors. I attached the corners down with a hole punch and embroidery thread. Each box got a vinyl letter label. 
B.  I filled the bottom shelves with plastic boxes. I also decoupaged paper to the inside of each "front" and added vinyl labels in the lower corners. 

A. and C. The wire shelves that hold the fabric and paper are standard wire shelves that normally create a 3x3 block of shelves. I used some of the metal squares and layered them within the other shelves. They are attached to the walls by using zip ties (this is an idea I saw years ago at a friend's house). 
B. I also used old clear pretzel containers to store scrap fabric and webbing.

To hide the clutter and make it pretty, I created the"curtains" in front of the shelves with the colorful fabric and dyed cotton towels.

In front of the fabric, I leaned 3 canvas art pieces.  I picked the canvases up at a thrift store. I decorated them with craft paint and more black vinyl.  The art is easy to move when I need to get into the shelves and it add personality. The quotes really speak to what I love in my craft stash! 

I also have two glass containers that belonged to my grandmother. I think they are personal and the perfect place for holding spare ribbon.

Now, let's move to the pegboard space:

A little shelf holds up my sewing and cutting machines. Below the shelf,  the aforementioned color block carts are pretty and functional.

On the other side of that door on the right is the finished area of our basement. I have a table in there where I do most of my sewing and crafts. What I love is that I can pull out the yellow "sewing cart" and roll it quickly into the other room. Having all of this stuff accessible right inside the door is convenient. 

My ribbon addiction collection:
A. All my ribbon is slid onto wire peg board hooks. My smaller ribbon is at the top of the peg board and really large spools of ribbon hang below.
B. What helps me quickly locate the correct location for each ribbon is the colored markings on the hooks.  I just painted craft paint on each one and sealed it with decoupage to prevent chipping.
C. I arranged the smaller ribbon in a rainbow fashion along the top. Then there are whites, creams, silvers, golds, browns and blacks in the second row.

(And yes, I have another drawer of ribbon in the paint-chip plastic carts. Don't you judge! I loooove ribbon.)

On the other peg wall:
A. My thread and my colorful stamp storage in a tool chest.
B. Wire baskets for paint, glue, etc.
C. Two bicycle hooks hold up wrapping paper. (Side note: I am going to try scaling back my wrapping paper supply to only a couple solid colors.... Starting with white!)
D. Tin cans covered in ombre paper blocks hold necessities.  (You can never have enough foam brushes, in my opinion!)

Finally, behind the door:

I did not want to waste the space behind the door. So,  I made an easy dry erase board with more fabric in a frame. I hung left over peg board and used the space to hang awkward stuff (cutting board, tripod and a basket for bulky vinyl, contact paper, etc.)

And there you have it... my colorful craft area! Don't forget... if there is a section you want more details about, please let me know.
Now, I should tell you this is not all of my crap craft stuff! But this area contains the bulk of it and I love the new look!

 I love that the gradient colors make the space fun and pretty. The fabric is bright and cheerful. And because of all the color blocking.... It actually makes it easier to figure out where something should be placed. (lots of labels help, too!)

Who says basements need to feel dark and cold?

All of this bright color would not really work with the decor in the rest of our house... but it is fun to push myself out of my comfort zone down here.

If you want to try out a colorful space or make a paint chip inspired area, why not try an overlooked corner of your home: your basement.

I love going down here now! Seeing this happy and neat space is a great way to start a project!

P.S. Hubby and I have bets as to how long the space will stay this neat. He has his doubts (don't listen to him) but it is so pretty, I want to keep it looking good. We will see! ;)

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