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October 2, 2011

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A Simple and Elegant Halloween Wreath (from a ceiling medallion!)

Madigan made… a black, white and orange wreath from a ceiling medallion.

black, white and orange wreath from a ceiling medallion

Want to know how to make a wreath for Halloween in under 5 minutes?

Of course you do.

I did not intend to make a wreath for Halloween. I already made one wreath for fall (my gold thumbtack wreath).
But, one night… I ended up making two wreaths! (More on the other one later this week. The wood wreath form and paper seen below were for that wreath.)

I was rifling through my vintage scarf stash (one of hubby’s SIL’s gave me her mother’s old scarves. Did you follow that? lol.) and came across this black and white plaid silk sash.  I thought it would be perfect for Halloween.

I also remembered that I had this ceiling medallion. I painted it black a couple of years ago with the plan to make a round mirror out of it. Yeah, like many of my great ideas… I never saw that project to completion!

So, the medallion sat on our shelves untouched… but when I saw that black and white scarf – I was inspired. I remembered seeing some cool wreaths made from medallions on other blogs. (like this medallion wreath at Goodbye House, Hello Home)

I grabbed the black medallion and the B&W sash and I had an instant wreath.

But, it needed something else… so I took a 6 inch wreath form and another vintage scarf in orange. I just pinned one end of the scarf into the foam with a straight pin… wrapped it around the foam and pinned the other end down.

I looped the 6 inch orange wreath with the black medallion and
Boom. (almost) Instant wreath!

I love the simplicity of this wreath! And it was so simple to make, too. 

So – if you have a pretty scarf (or two) and a ceiling medallion… you can make an elegant fall wreath in 5 minutes, too!

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