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November 29, 2011

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My Simple Ceiling Medallion Wreath Update

Madigan made… a quick change for a “brand new” wreath for Christmas!

red ceiling medallion wreath with brass tack wreath

I’m beginning to think that a ceiling medallion is a practically perfect wreath.

No, really!

A ceiling medallion is big and bold. It is graphic. It is flat and easy to store.

And with a simple can of spray paint and a new ribbon… it can change with the seasons, too!

Remember the  elegant black Halloween wreath I made with my old ceiling medallion? It was so simple to make. And I gave it a quick change for the Christmas holiday!

black and orange ceiling medallion wreath

This past week, I sprayed the round molding with red spray paint and hit some of the raised details with a little gold craft paint. I changed out the internal orange wreath for my 6 inch brass thumbtack wreath.

I added a gold ribbon and I ended up a totally “new” wreath for Christmas!

Layered Red Round Molding and Brass Tack Wreath
Love it!

Hmm… I’m already thinking about what to paint the medallion for the spring, aren’t you? Any color suggestions? lol!

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