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January 2, 2012

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The Ever Changing Seasonal Chalkboard: 2011 Recap

Madigan made… a big chalkboard décor recap.

Happy 2012!
Did you have a great NYE? We had a quiet night… just dinner out with family and we watched the ball drop at home.
Did you set any resolutions? I’m terrible at keeping any, so I avoid the self-disappointment and don’t set any goals! ( Lame, I know. )

I hesitate to ask this, but are you sick of 2011 blog recaps yet?

I'm going to I assume your reply is: “Shannon, every blog I read is doing recaps and I’m ready to scream from all this post recycling. But I would still love to read one more!”
So, I hope you can handle just one more recap from me. :o)

I really love changing up my big DIY chalkboard in the kitchen every month. And I certainly hope that you have enjoyed seeing the quotes, too.

For those of you that are new here – I thought it might be fun to show you all the quotes from the past year. And if you have seen all of them, thanks for reading! I’d love to know which month was your favorite!

If you missed the decorations and quotes from 2010, be sure to go back and check out that chalkboard recap, too!

Below is a summary of each month’s chalkboard quote and the related décor.

{ Click on the underlined text to be taken to that post for the month. }

January: We welcomed in the new year with simple winter white scene with milk glass trees.
February: A beaded chandelier ‘necklace’ and my doily wreath made the space ready for Valentine’s Day.
March: No fancy décor… just a simple quote and the usual white cream ware plates.

April: Preppy pink and green decorations helped the kitchen get ready for spring and Easter.
May: The square floral ‘plates’ stayed with a simple quote for May.
June: A sewn star garland added a patriotic touch to the chalkboard.

July: I landed in a blogging slump and was unmotivated to write a quote that month. I asked YOU all for ideas, and got a great quote from a couple of you that I eventually did use for the chalkboard.
August: Just a simple quote adorned the chalkboard for the middle of summer.
September:  To usher in the fall, I created 3-D leaf wall plaques on the wall using leaf shaped appetizer plates.

October: A spooky black bird invasion occurred in our kitchen that month. This display was one of the busiest for my taste… I think next year I will keep the Halloween décor more simple.
November: A big ol’ bowl of gold painted pine cones and some autumnal plates gave the kitchen a ‘harvest’ feel.
December: Black, white and red paper topiary trees make a simple display for the Christmas season.

What a fun year it’s been in our kitchen! Do you have a favorite month? I loved November. It was simple and very ‘me’.

This past weekend I started to take down our Christmas décor and I worked on the chalkboard for this month. I hope to show it to you later this week. If you follow me on Instagram (I’m madiganmade), Facebook or Twitter, you likely already saw the goodies I’m going to be using in the space!