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January 23, 2012

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A Glittery Heart and Ceiling Medallion Wreath

Madigan made… a simple red and pink {and glitter!} wreath for Valentines Day.


Glitter. Oh, Glitter.

I love your sparkle, but I don’t love the mess you make!

I can appreciate the happy glow you get from a project covered in glitter but I often shy away from working with it.
To me, crafting with glitter is like dealing with sand at the beach… after you're done with it and think you’ve cleaned up everything… you keep finding those fine little particles in the most random places!

Those of you that follow me on Instagram (I’m madiganmade) or Facebook know that I found some fun ribbon on holiday clearance the other week.

Can you imagine my delight when I found ribbon that was already covered in dense glitter? Lots of glitter but no need to use glue or adhesive? No mess?
I love that!

The colors I picked up (pink, purple and red) were perfect for a Valentine’s project.

I used those three different sparkly ribbons and wrapped them around a heart-shaped wreath form to make a simple wreath.

I forgot to take pictures of the wreath process, but I basically took each color ribbon and wrapped them around the wreath one at a time.

I secured one end of ribbon with hot glue and started to wind it around the shape. I did have to work in sections. I covered one half of the heart, cut the ribbon, secured that end with glue and then worked on wrapping the other side of the heart. I used extra ribbon to cover any gaps or holes (mainly in the ‘pointy’ areas) and glued them down in the back.

Since the old medallion wreath from Christmas was already red, I figured that color could work for Valentines and the glitter heart could hang in front of it. (like the brass tack wreath did for the holidays)

To update the color of the wreath, I used some pink craft paint and nail polish.

I painted some of the bands/circles within the medallion with the pink paints. In some areas I just used the nail polish and that gave the surface some subtle pink sheen. And in other areas I used the craft paint for a more pronounced ‘pink’ color (and went over those areas with nail polish, too).

I love using nail polish in my craft projects! I often forget that it is paint and will adhere to lots of stuff. And many of them have a sheen or glitter to the finish, which is always soo pretty!

I love the layered look of this wreath.
I’m normally not a “heart” girl. Hearts can verge on too cute. They often remind me of those country heart covered craft creations from the 1980s.
But I do like to use hearts around Valentines Day… and in a bold a simple statement like this one, hearts can feel a little modern, too. 

And the best part about this project?

I didn’t have to go out to dinner that night and explain to people:
“Um, yeah, that might be glitter in my hair, on my face, and, yes, under my fingernails!”

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