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April 9, 2012

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A No-sew Fabric and Chunky Bead Necklace

DIY, beaded, fabric scarf necklace   Madigan made…  a DIY, beaded, fabric necklace.

DIY, beaded, fabric necklace

Simple, easy, inexpensive and fun. Who doesn’t like that?
Remember the easy necklace I made from ponytail holder beads? Well, I have another simple and inexpensive way to make a chunky, bead necklace.

I picked up other ponytail holder beads that same day I found the ombre ones… and I loved the big, white chunky beads. I thought it would be cute to make a fabric necklace with the beads.

Now, my mom is probably reading this article and excuse me for a sec while I tell her something:
“Yes, mom, I know you made fabric and beaded necklaces back in the ‘80s. I remember them.”

“Uh-huh…. yep, I agree craft trends do seem to come and go in cycles. These latest versions are a little more updated, but they are the same basic idea as yours.”

Aside from the ones my mom made years ago, I’ve recently seen several fabric and beaded necklaces out there  (like this cute fabric necklace at A Little Tipsy). I was going to sew a tube of scrap fabric to make one… but then I saw a scarf in my stash. I figured I could use that and NOT sew. Love that!

How to make a chunky fabric and bead necklace (no-sew):

Step one: Materials needed.

  • Pack of ponytail holders
  • Glue (fabric or a clear drying glue for jewelry would work best)
  • Scarf

Step two: String beads on scarf necklace.

how to make a chunky beaded necklace fabric
Slide two beads onto the very center of the scarf. Pull the beads apart and wrap the interior fabric slack around another bead.

Step three: Glue and secure beads in fabric.

how to make a chunky beaded necklace fabric
Place a dollop of glue between the center bead and fabric to secure the fabric down. Tighten the two other beads around it so the interior bead does not move.

Step four: Repeat until desired length.

Repeat steps two and three to add more beads on either side of the center beads until the necklace is the right size.
Tie your scarf in the back and enjoy your chunky fabric beads! 

I could have knotted the scarf between each bead to keep them in place… but this was not a very long scarf. By alternating with open and covered beads (and a little glue), everything stayed put without shortening the fabric.

I love quick and easy craft projects like this… with 20 minutes and a few simple supplies I created a fun, new accessory! Don’t you think these colors are fun for spring?

no-sew fabric bead necklace

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