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July 5, 2012

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Crafting in… Neon Week

Madigan made… a crafty week announcement.


Neon is H-O-T this summer! Have you crafted something using this bright trend?

Well, get ready for:

 Crafting in… Neon Week on Madigan Made from July 15th-20th!

I know, I know... neon colors are very bold. You might think they are hard to work with...  But I’m hoping to show you ways to use the colors is small doses and non-committal ways (gifts, jewelry, entertaining, accessories, décor, etc).

I think it will be a fun challenge. Plus, it reminds me of my pre-teen years in the 80’s. I’m a nostalgic girl, what can I say?

I also hope that this series will be a way for me to break-up my summer. If you remember, I hit a blog slump last summer, so I hope this week will keep me motivated.

I have a bunch of neon crafts I hope to craft in time lined up. I have supplies for all of them... but only 1/2 of the crafts done. Eek! I need to get busy! ;)

In addition to my ideas, I plan to share some 'round-up' feature posts. This is where I hope that I can feature my readers and blog friends... if you have a neon craft you have posted about or plan to post about soon, I'd love to feature it!


Let me show off YOUR craft on Madigan Made during Neon Week!

NOTE: I am looking for craft and décor projects that YOU created and already posted about on your blog. I want to feature one photo and a brief description of the project. I will include a link back to your blog in a post.

Please fill out this form if you have a craft you’d like me to feature. I am going to try and feature as many projects as I can...
(In order for me to have time to include your project in my round-ups, please submit no later than 4 pm EST on Wed 7/18.)

Thanks so much for participating! I can’t wait to share my stuff AND see all your ideas, too.


If you are planning to make a neon project and wanted to tell your readers about Neon Week on Madigan Made (you are awesome!)… grab a button below:

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