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July 16, 2012

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Neon and Navy Embroidery Hoop Art

Madigan made…     sailing-inspired wall décor.


Crafting in Neon Week started out with some great projects… and today’s tuts are all about crafting with paint!

crafting in neon week

When I was planning for Neon Week, I bought a small bottle of neon yellow craft paint. I was not exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew I could figure out something. 

But as it turns out, neon yellow was not only hard to photograph but was also a hard color to find a complement. I knew that I wanted to pair the color with a neutral. But I was unsure what neutral color to use. I eventually decided on navy and white. My decision was solidified after I found this checkered, navy scarf in my vintage scarf stash. I knew I wanted to show off this fabric and an embroidery hoop was just the way to do it.


vintage silk scarf in blue and white


For me, the combo of neon yellow, navy and white evokes a nautical feel. When you mix those colors with bold graphics and some rope… it reminds me a little of maritime signal flags. That was the inspiration for this embroidery hoop art. Can you see it? (It also reminds me a bit of a car racing checkered flag… but I prefer the sailing reference instead! :D )



How I made my nautical-inspired embroidery hoop wall art:


First, I disassembled and  painted the wooden embroidery hoops with several coats of neon craft paint.


After the paint dried, I inserted the fabric between the two hoops. I stretched the fabric over the small hoop and  I slipped the larger hoop around it and tightened the fastening hardware. The fabric needed to be taut but I also  did my best not to pull too much. (I did not want the delicate fabric to run or pull.)

adding fabric to embroidery hoops


Once the fabric was secure and the clasp tightened, I used scissors to trim the fabric around the edges as close as I could to the hoop. As needed, I also used a few pieces of clear tape to secure down any loose frayed areas that showed too much from the front.

fabric in embroidery hoops


I did not have any white rope, but I did have this soft, natural fiber cording that worked as a decent substitute. I looped the cording around the closure and tied it in a knot above the hardware. Then, the loose ends could be tied around something to hang it.


neon edged home decor idea: hoops


I love how the thin edge of neon yellow is ‘just enough’ to set off the navy and white. It is not ‘in-your-face’ neon. This is similar to the approach I used in the neon-edged trivet craft  I shared this morning. Less is more when it comes to bright neon.

(And these photos do NOT really show how bright this neon color is… it is glowing!)

nautical scarf embroidery hoop wall art


At first, I had planned to hang this art on our front door almost like a summertime wreath. But as I photographed this hoop in our kitchen window, I loved how the sheer scarf filtered the light. The fabric acted like a very large sun catcher. So, I think my nautical hoop art is staying here in the window for awhile!


neon yellow navy embroidery hoop wall art


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more simple DIY neon ideas. I’m planning to share a couple of neon paper crafts!


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