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July 18, 2012

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Wood Bead and Neon Necklace Tutorial

Madigan made… a bright, yellow, raffia and wood necklace.

neon yellow necklace craft

We are over half way through Crafting in Neon Week … and today is all about crafting with raffia!

crafting in neon week

Yes, folks, I said raffia! I’m not talking about that muted and natural stuff that grandma used to make bows in the 1980s.  I got my hands on bright yellow raffia at a local dollar store near me. Remember my simple Easter egg wreath? That was made with bright green raffia that I bought at the same time I found the yellow. 

I told you yesterday that I was a little afraid to wear neon (which I why I thought carrying a cute neon notebook would help me look like I was stylish). Well, I am afraid to don on a glowing, neon t-shirt…but I think I can handle a simple and tiny accent of neon in my jewelry.

A thin band of neon yellow paired with pale wood tones is “just enough” for me. As I’ve been saying all week… neon colors can work when paired with a neutral (like neon and gray slate or neon and navy). And I love the mix of natural wood beads with a bright color. (I found these wooden beads at the dollar store, too.)



How to make a neon and wood bead necklace:


Supplies needed:

  • Raffia
  • Wood beads
  • Jewelry glue or craft glue (I like jewelry glue because it dries crystal clear)
  • Small washers
  • Scissors


craft tutorial for a wood bead necklace

Step one:

String several wooden beads on the raffia cord.

Step two:

Add washers to the ends of the beads (or in between the beads, if desired).

Step three:

Tie the raffia to a length that is long enough to fit over your head (or longer… your preference).

Step four:

Snip the loose ends of the raffia flush with the tied knot. Apply a little bit of glue to the ends of the raffia to seal the knot.

That’s it! You can have a cute necklace in under five minutes! (Well, once the glue dries!)


Adding that little washer at the end of the beads really helps to finish the necklace off. You could make this necklace with any color raffia… and you could paint the beads, too. My beads already had a clear varnish on them… so I used them ‘as is’ for this project.

yellow, wood and metal necklace


I love wearing this necklace with a gray t-shirt. Yellow and gray is a fresh and pretty combo that I’m fond of. (remember my very first blog header?)




Don’t forget to come back later today for another simple DIY neon craft. I’m showing off a bracelet that I made with MORE raffia!


neon diy necklace with beads and raffia

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