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August 14, 2012

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Glitter Striped Memo Board (guest post)

Madigan made… a post for Mod Podge Rocks!



So, yesterday you saw my DIY wire and open frame inspiration boards that I hung in my office/guest room.


And today, I’m sharing this other set of memo boards for that same room that I made with Mod Podge and cork trivets. Join me on Mod Podge Rocks for the full tutorial. 


I know what you are thinking. How many memo boards does a girl need in one room? Well, I’ll tell you that my wire frame pin boards are ONLY going to be used for the purposes ‘inspiration’ stuff. You know, to look pretty and make me think happy thoughts. This set of striped cork boards will be my ‘working’ memo area. I can tack to-do lists, shopping list, business cards, etc. on here. You know, to tell myself to “get busy”!

It all makes sense in my head… so let’s just go with it, mmkay?