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October 22, 2012

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A Simple Handmade Birthday Card Idea

Madigan made… a graphic, houndstooth card for a teen.

I made this fun birthday card recently for my husband’s niece.

Black, white and hot pink. A little houndstooth. A heart. What’s not to love?


I haven’t shown you a handmade greeting card idea in awhile. The last ones you saw were the simple dry wall tape neon cards.

I love making cards and as you might guess… I love keeping the process simple.


I think I’ve told you before that I am NOT very good at working with rubber stamps and paper crafts. If my life depended on it, I still don’t think I could stamp images centered and perfect. That’s why I often rely on fun and pretty paper to make a card special. (and use a little stamp in the corner of the card)


One of my favorite ways to make cards is to create a text ‘base’ on my computer. I’ll play in my word processing program and print the fronts and backs of 8.5” x 11” cardstock with a greeting.

I place the words so that when I cut the sheet down the middle and fold each piece in half, I have two simple cards. (And look… no crooked text, either!)  Each card has a blank area that is ready to decorate with a panel of scrapbook paper.


To fill in the blank area of this recent birthday card, I cut a panel of houndstooth paper and layered a strip of neon pink paper on top using scrapbooking adhesive. A punched heart from black paper finishes the card off.

I’m loving houndstooth these days… it’s a lot of fun to mix it with a pop of hot pink, too. The combo is simple and sweet,  just like our niece!