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October 19, 2012

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My latest craft fail.

Madigan made…  is no Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Paint Craft Failure

We are all human, right? We all have our craft experiments and failures. It is just a part of the creative process.


Well, my latest ‘experiment’ occurred when I was working on my embroidery hoop pumpkins… my first attempt at painting the fabric did not turn out as I had hoped. (which is why I ended up using stencils and they worked great!)


embroidery hoop pumpkins


I should preface this post with the fact that I really enjoyed using the Martha Stewart paint brushes that Plaid sent me… the handles have a nice weight and the bristles are smooth and clean up easily. But you can’t help user error and an unsteady hand!

A paint craft failure story

My plan was to create a plaid pumpkin to frame in the larger embroidery hoop. You can see my little sketch in the top left. It could be cute, right?


I started out using brown paint and a patterned paint brush to sketch out my pumpkin ribs. I became concerned when the lines looked a little wobbly and uneven.

a story about a paint craft fail.

But despite my horrible looking lines, I kept going. I’m not sure why I kept painting, but I was hoping that it would look better once it was all finished. Maybe a little shabby chic or something?

Yeah, it just looked shabby! Hey, we all can’t be Martha, right?


But there is a silver lining to this story! When I was looking for a background to photograph my pumpkin cookie cupcakes… my eyes landed on this fabric in my office.  Perfect!

pumpkin cookie cupcakes

The experimental plaid doesn’t look so bad as a blurred background, right?


How about you… have you had an project fails lately?