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November 2, 2012

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Are you a GREEN crafter?

Madigan made… an announcement about Totally Green Crafts.

Totally Green Crafts - Holiday contest!


If you are a fan of this blog, then I know you are a fan of easy and simple crafts. I know you can appreciate a creative upcycle. And because of those facts, I know you will love the site Totally Green Crafts!

Have you heard of Totally Green Crafts? It is a collaboration between two very crafty ladies: Johnnie Lanier (from Saved by Love Creations) and Suzy Myers (from Suzy’s Artsy Crafty Sitcom). Their mission is to curate and share recycled craft ideas with their readers and “take care of our planet while totally making it rad.” I’m totally down with that philosophy, aren’t you?

This month they are hosting another fun contest with another fabulous prize package worth over $600. The theme? Holiday crafts!

Holiday Craft Contest at Totally Green Crafts - fabulous prize package!

So dig through your recycle bins now and start making some cute ornaments, snowmen, or trees (you get the idea!) to share on Totally Green Crafts.

You do NOT need to have blog or website to participate! Find out how to enter (and all of the great prizes) at Totally Green Crafts – Holiday Challenge.