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November 12, 2012

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DIY Splatter Painted Glass Vases

Madigan made… a CMYK splatter paint craft.

DIY Splatter Painted Glass Vases - so simple and fun!

The 1980s are calling. I think they want their glassware back.

Or maybe not… I’m hoping these glass vases will look cute in my 2012 family room!

I told you last week that I was crushing on this CMYK color combo lately. (that is Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK for those of you that are curious.)

CMYK colors

If you remember, I showed you my CMYK plaid coasters last week and I really loved the colors of the glass paint I used.

Well, I’ve also been in the mood to do a little splatter painting lately, too. (especially after seeing these splatter favor boxes at Oh Happy Day)

C’mon… you know you did this paint technique back-in-day in the 80s. (Or maybe you are too young to remember the trend. If that is the case, don’t tell me. It will just make me feel older than I feel.)

I found this large vase at a thrift store recently and grabbed a couple of small glass votives at the craft store. I think I paid two dollars total for all three vases.

These pieces were begging me to splatter them with glass paint. So, I did.

CMYK splatter paint craft

First, I cleaned the glassware thoroughly (in the dishwasher and then with a little isopropyl alcohol).


Then, I set up a little paint booth with paper and cardboard to avoid getting my glass paint all over the basement.


I started with the lightest shade, the yellow, and flicked a dipped paint brush over the vases several times.

And I have to tell you… It was a thrill to watch that paint splatter across the glass. Now I remember why I loved this technique when I was 10 years old. It is so easy and fun!

splatter paint craft tutorial


So, after the yellow paint dried, I went back and repeated the process with more exuberance and pink paint.  And after that layer, I happily splattered some turquoise paint over the 3 vases.


how to splatter paint glassware

Once the paint dried for several days, I popped the glassware in the oven and baked them to cure the paint (according to the manufacturer’s instructions).


I love how the glass paint dried to a translucent finish and the resulting splatter pattern is not very bold. The effect is subtle… but it is still a fun tribute to the 1980s.

DIY Splatter Painted Glass Vases

Not only did this craft project satisfy my need to throw some paint around, but now I have some cute vases to use in our family room!