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November 8, 2012

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Santa’s Belt Treat Box

Madigan made… a simple Christmas treat packaging idea.

simple Christmas treat packaging idea

Are you thinking about the holidays and gifts yet?

Trust me. I’m not this far ahead on my Christmas gift wrapping. I haven’t even started to think about my holiday shopping list yet! I actually made these cute Santa’s belly treat packages for little gifts last year. I thought you might want to see them to get ideas for this holiday season.


I created them  by cutting a pillow box shape out of red cardstock using my crafty cutting machine. I also cut out some square shapes with two slits in them from gold cardstock to serve as Mr. Kringle’s belt buckle.

A black grosgrain ribbon represented his belt. I weaved it through the ‘belt buckles’ and secured them in the back with tape.


I filled the Santa pillow boxes with some sweet treats but if you made it big enough, this could also work for a cute gift card holder, too!

simple Christmas treat gift - Santa's belt pillow boxes