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December 17, 2012

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Decorating a Staircase for the Holidays

Madigan made… a simple way to decorate with wreaths.

Decorating a Staircase for the Holidays with Wreaths

I love evergreen garland. I do. But the real stuff dries out quickly and sheds needles. And the fake stuff looks… just OK.

Last Christmas, I hung our stockings on our staircase banister. This year our tree is in another room and the area needed some ‘impact’ besides stockings. But I did not feel like decorating our staircase banister with faux garland this year.

I wanted to do something simple and different with our staircase holiday decor. 

Decorating a Staircase for the Holidays with Wreaths

To do this, all I did was hang a bunch of wreaths at staggering heights down the staircase with wide grosgrain ribbon. (Did I ever tell you I love grosgrain? No? Well, I do!)


Creative Way to Decorate with Wreaths - on a staircase! -


My ornament wreath from years past was the central focus of this display. Two of my new gold garland wreaths hang on either end. The gold thumbtack wreath I made last fall complements all of the gold accents. And that little silver wreath is not even a wreath… it is a circular frame from the dollar store that I took from my foyer gallery wall. It works with all of the silvers and golds in my ornament wreath.

Christmas wreaths hanging from a staircase

I recovered the gossip bench below the stairs with a new red seat cover. A big bowl of red ornaments just seemed right on the bench.

I love the simplicity of my staircase wreaths. They certainly are less itchy than greens or garland… and still deliver a lot of holiday spirit and impact!

Christmas wreaths hanging from a staircase - simple decorating idea!

How about you… do you decorate your staircase for the holidays? Do you use garland or something else? I’d love to hear more ideas!