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December 5, 2012

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DIY Flocked Mini Topiary Trees

Madigan made… a tutorial for topiaries & flocking faux evergreen trees.

Simple tutorial for DIY flocked topiary evergreens - mini versions! (at

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… or at least some little snowy trees in my kitchen this season!

On Monday I showed you my simple ski-chalet inspired kitchen holiday décor… And I promised to tell you more about the DIY frosted mini trees that I used for an easy winter centerpiece. 

These trees have humble roots… a little foam, a little white paint, some glitter, and lots of evergreen garland!

Many of you know that I’m a big thrift store shopper. And one of my favorite areas to check out in the thrift store is the craft supply area. You never know what you will find. I picked up these 3 Styrofoam cones at a thrift store during the I Love Thrifting Day this past summer for fifty cents a piece.

a tutorial for topiaries & flocking faux evergreen trees

I figured that the tree forms would come in handy for the holidays. I was unsure what to use them for until I realized that my chalet inspired clipboard wall needed some snowy surroundings. 

So, I made three flocked topiary evergreen trees with the cones and faux garland. Each tree is a different shape. Or as I like to call them... The too fat tree, too skinny tree, and just right! 

Why didn’t I keep them all the same size? I don’t know… I think I just wanted some variety.

Let me show you how I made these three trees…

How to Make a Frosted Christmas Topiary Centerpiece


How to Make a Frosted Christmas Topiary Centerpiece

First I painted the cones a mossy green color with acrylic craft paint. (Tip: do not use spray paint... It will melt the foam!)

How to Make a Frosted Christmas Topiary Centerpiece

Then, I used a wire cutter and snipped off all the branches from a length of 9' faux evergreen garland. Each tree used about one 9' piece of garland... Yes, my hand was sore from all the clipping by the end of this project!

how to make a topiary tree from faux garland

For each tree, I began sticking the branches in the foam and worked in a circular fashion around the foam shape to fill in the tree. To help keep everything secure, I dipped the branches in white glue prior to attaching them.

How to Make Mini Christmas Topiary Trees

For the big fat tree, I started at the bottom and worked my way up to the top using the same length of branches. For the skinny tree, I cut the branches in half and for the "just right" tree, I started with bigger branches on the bottom and trimmed them up as I worked towards the top of the tree. 

To flock the trees... I decided to mix together my own flocking material.  I combined glitter, white glass paint, white acrylic paint and silver glitter paint. It was an experiment and it worked for me.

Tip to flock mini topiary trees:  paint the tips of the branches to mimic the look of snow

I just painted the tips of the branches to mimic the look of snow with my snow-paint-mixture.  (You also could paint the branches with white paint and then sprinkle glitter… like this flocking tutorial I found at the Yellow Cape Cod.)

Once the trees were dry, I hunted around the house for white pedestal bases. I used a mini white milkglass cake stand, a porcelain soup tureen and a ceramic white planter. The trees just sat on top of each one. The white pieces were the perfect bases. The containers didn’t match and I didn’t care.… because the trees were already different sizes.

DIY Flocked Mini Topiary Trees in White Containers

The lumberjack plaid scarf serves as a cozy table runner underneath them. It echoes the cabin-y sweater feel of the clipboard décor on the wall.

Considering how lively and colorful the holiday clipboard wall looks in the kitchen… I’m glad I went simple and over sized with my holiday table centerpiece. (and snowy!)

DIY mini frosted topiary evergreen trees