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December 16, 2012

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Heavy heart

Madigan made…    a pause.


I had planned to share a Christmas decorating idea with you today… but I wanted to pause for a bit this Sunday. Like most of you, I have a heavy heart this weekend in the wake of the terrible Connecticut school shooting on Friday. I’m sad, in shock and still trying to wrap my brain around what kind of evil could do such a thing to so many innocent, young lives. I just can’t fathom it.

Talking about this tragedy will not bring the little angels back or ease the pain of those families affected. But I still want to stop for a moment with you to grieve and reflect.  Life is fragile and this event is a reminder to me to hug loved ones more… pray… be thankful…count my blessings….  and to remember to find joy amidst the evil, too. 

If you were looking for ways to help, the United Way of Newtown or the Newtown Youth and Family Services are accepting donations that will help families affected by this tragedy. And several bloggers have designated this Monday as “Thank a Teacher Day”. I think this is a great way to acknowledge the wonderful educators that do so much for their students on a daily basis… and the heroes that step up to protect them when needed. You can find more info and related graphics about “Thank a Teacher Day” at Julieverse.

Every person is different and each one of us reacts and heals from these tragedies in different ways. I am very sad about the events that happened and my thoughts are with the town of Newtown. I don’t have personal experiences to share or grand or wise things to say…

Today I just want to pray for more peace, hope, love and joy in the world. We need it so desperately.