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December 9, 2012

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How to make an ornament wreath

Madigan made… an elegant Christmas wreath craft with jeweled fruit.

How to make an elegant ornament wreath

So, this Christmas season I’ve been on a wreath making kick.

Why? Well, mainly out of necessity!

We live in a small house and we do not have many horizontal surfaces to decorate. We do not own a fireplace or mantel. The rooms in our house don’t have a ton of furniture with space conducive to lots of cute holiday vignettes. So, Christmas decorating requires me to get a little creative… I “go vertical” and decorate the walls. The easiest way to do that is with a classic holiday wreath! I made three of them this season.

All three wreaths that I’m going to show you were made with old Christmas decorations that I repurposed from prior years. The first wreath I want to show you is this sweet little ornament wreath made from a bunch of mini jeweled and shiny fruit.


Also, I want to mention that I’ve received many questions from my readers about this ornament wreath below and how to create it:

Simple and elegant ornament wreath


My new fruit ornament wreath was made in same way as this wreath… just with fruit-shaped ornaments instead of regular glass ornaments.


Want to learn how to make this simple wreath? Grab your glue gun, some old ornaments and let’s get started!


How to make an elegant ornament wreath - tutorial at


Tutorial for a Christmas Ornament Wreath

Supplies used:

  • Wreath form (mine was six inches wide)
  • Ribbon
  • Thin ribbon or wire
  • Shiny and jeweled ornaments
  • Hot glue
  • Hair dryer

How to make an elegant ornament wreath - tutorial at


Steps to make a wreath:

  • First, wrap a wreath form with ribbon (securing the ends down with hot glue).
  • Then, wrap a thin wire or ribbon loosely around the wreath form. It will be used later to hang the wreath (not pictured… I added mine after I glued down the ornaments and it was harder to do with the ornaments already on the wreath).
  • With the wreath form lying on a flat surface, glue a layer of ornaments to the wreath around the circumference of the wreath. Attach glue between the ornaments, the wreath and each other.
  • Then, glue a layer of ornaments on top of the first layer and the front of the wreath.
  • Continue to add more ornaments, filling in any gaps as you work. Use smaller ornaments, if desired, to cover any holes.
  • Use the heat from a hair dryer to blow away any glue gun strings.
  • Tip: you do need to be careful using hot glue with foam shapes (ornaments and the wreaths). The heat can ‘melt’ the foam a little, but if you are careful, it can be done.


I love how full and compact this wreath looks. The mixture of colors and shiny versus jeweled surfaces add a lot of texture. It will be a great wreath to display for the Christmas holiday… but I bet I can use it next year in the fall, too.

How to make an elegant ornament wreath - tutorial at



Don’t' forget to come back here in the next two days… I’ll be sharing two more elegant DIY wreath ideas!

DIY elegant wreath ideas

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