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December 31, 2012

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My Favorite 2012 DIY Projects and Posts

Madigan made… a personal list of fav crafts and posts.

Last week I shared YOUR favorite simple crafts and recipes from 2012 on the blog. While I love your choices… I had some favorites of my own. These projects were personal to me in some way… the colors… the effort involved… the story behind them… the transformation before/after… or just the simplicity.


My Favorite Eight Projects and Posts from this Year:


8. Neon Decoupage Notebooks

Every time I see these little notebooks, they make me smile… the colors and patterns just evoke joy to me.


7. Faux Bois and Studded Vases

I loved the mixture of wood grain and studs in this inexpensive dollar store centerpiece… that (hopefully) looks expensive. 


6. DIY Neon Trivet Craft

The addition of a little bright color along the edge of a tile was a simple and understated way for me to embrace a bold trend.


5. DIY Ribbon Bowl

Who knew I could create a fab bowl from my ribbon-hoarding tendencies and decoupage?


4. Graphic, Painted Cut Crystal

Cut crystal is typically too fussy for me… until I broke out the paint to update it!


3. Clipboard Wall Art

My large chalkboard wall is gone, but I’m in love with the possibilities I have with its replacement!


2. My wine cork lamp

This lamp was literally years in the making (or years in the drinking, depending on how you looked at it!).



And… this is MY all-time fav post from this year…

1. The personal meaning of our office-bedroom makeover

This was a post about my intentions to make over one of our guest bedrooms. But it also was a personal story about waiting, infertility and learning to live “today”. And your support was amazing. I think that this is my favorite post from the year because of how YOU received it! Thank you.


I’m looking forward to 2013! I have several crafts and d├ęcor projects that I’m working on currently. I can’t wait to show them to you! Talk to you next year!