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December 3, 2012

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My Ski Chalet Inspired Holiday Decor

Madigan made… cozy kitchen Christmas decoration ideas.

Ski Chalet Inspired Holiday Decor - huge wall of clipboards and snowy topiary centerpiece

Have you started to put up your Christmas décor yet? This past week I slowly set out some holiday decorations. I started in the kitchen with our big clipboard wall. It was easy to change those decorations out… all I had to do was add something new to the clips!


I was not sure what to use in the clipboards until I saw these cards at Michaels:

cozy sweater inspired cards

They reminded me a little of kitschy sweaters and they had a lodge-y feel.  I loved the colors… red, white, black and grey.


I took the cards and cut the fronts and backs apart. Then, I mounted the square images onto 8” x 8” colored card stock with scrapbook adhesive.  I just added the paper squares to the clipboard wall in the kitchen for an instant holiday feel!

Kitchen decor - Ski Chalet Inspired Holiday Decor - huge wall of clipboards and snowy topiary centerpiece -

The squares of color on the wall were festive and fun…so I wanted to keep the centerpiece on the table fairly simple.  I used three big, flocked topiary trees in the middle of the table.  I’ll tell you how I made these trees later this week.

DIY Frosted and snowy topiary centerpieces -

And to continue the cabin feel, I grabbed a lumberjack plaid scarf that I picked up last year from the dollar store. I laid that fabric on the table like a runner under the topiaries. (I used two of these plaid scarves last year to make a reversible cowl scarf, remember?)

Festive Holiday Clipboard wall and Mini Flocked Christmas trees

This holiday décor is a little more rustic than prior years, but I love the look!

We don’t live in a ski chalet, but these snowy trees and cozy fabric inspired decorations make me want to curl up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate!


And if you were interested in more holiday kitchen ideas, check out my Christmas decorations from prior years: