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January 16, 2013

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Fresh Changes in the Family Room: Paint!

Madigan made… a simple room update with paint. 

Home ownership and DIY projects can come with a lot of regret… paint regret, that is!

Have you taken the house tour here on Madigan Made yet? (and if you haven’t, well, step right on over here)… If you did, then I already warned you that my family room was in desperate need of help.

This room used to be a dining room (the picture below was taken during our home inspection) but we converted it into our family TV room. We use our traditional living as our home office/den.

The golden faux finish above the chair rail was left from the previous owner (and it’s not bad) but I take full responsibility for the dark moss green color below! Why did I paint such a dark and bold color in this little room?!? (did I mention that this room has no windows? Great for TV watching…but the dark paint made it feel like a cave!)

Well, when we moved into this house several years ago, I was a new bride and a new homeowner. I wanted to mark this home as “mine”. My instinct at the time was to go bold with color on the walls. It was a cheap way to change the feel of a room.

Over time as I lived in the house and got to know my style more, my tastes have shifted a little. Now I crave basic neutrals as a backdrop… and then add color into the room in small doses with accessories that can easily be changed (curtains, pillows, wall art, etc.). I told you this weekend that this approach is also how I dress, too. (basic black/neutral clothes with colorful accessories)

Well, this past fall I painted the family room. To keep thing simple, I painted below the chair rail a creamy white that matched the trim. Above the chair rail I used a warm, neutral tan. (It was a custom color I created from a bunch of paint samples that I had matched at Sherwin Williams.

And with the help of my handy dad, we moved the hanging TV to the other wall. (Thanks, Dad!)


This is how the room looks now.  The change in paint color really brightens up the room.

But the brown couch and striped pillows look more orange now than ever. Yuk!

Don’t worry… those couches are going to be outta there soon! I don’t mind their shape… but the pieces are over 10 years old. The fabric is worn and we sink into the cushions. Plus, I want to steer away from orangey-seventies brown. So, we bought some new furniture for the space! I hope to tell you more about those purchases soon. (If you follow my Furniture board on Pinterest, you might get a hint of the styles/colors I looked at.)

Am I the only one that made a regrettable paint decision? Please tell me I’m not alone!