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January 12, 2013

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Go Bold or Not? A Fashion Dilemma.

This post is brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

Madigan made… fashion style with basic neutrals and colorful accents.


How would you describe your fashion style? Do you prefer bold colors or neutrals?
I land somewhere in the middle. How I dress is very similar to how I decorate my home… neutral bases with accents of color.
If you look in my closet, you will see lots of black…. ok, TONS of black…and the occasional colorful top. Really, I’m a fan neutral and classic pieces as a base for my clothes. I add interest and personality to my outfit with (often DIY) accessories. This approach is also an easy and affordable way to embrace a trend, too. I can invest in classic clothes and add cute shoes, a DIY ombre necklace or neon bracelet for a pop of trendy color.
Part of me wishes I was a little more daring, though.  Most of the week at work I’m wearing basic business casual and a lab coat all day.  But on the weekends we occasionally have somewhere special to go and I might actually dress up!  And when I go out and wear a dress or skirt in the winter that often means opaque tights for me. Maybe I can step out of my comfort zone here a little?
No nonsense tights and leggings have a ton of options to pick from… colored, textured, opaque, etc.  They could serve as a neutral backdrop… or be that pop of color!  I also love that No nonsense tights are affordable and are easy to find at mass retailers or even your grocery store.

And if you needed fashion help, No nonsense is partnering with fashion expert Jill Martin. She will be sharing fashion tips and educating women on how to wear bold tights and leggings with No nonsense.

And I have a fashion confession to share… Part of me wants to be daring and try colored tights this season.
As an example, let me show you this simple skirt outfit above that I created online. It might be something I’d wear to a party or out to a nice dinner. The neutral base should not surprise you… a simple black top, black a-line skirt and black pumps. Geometric emerald green and yellow accessories are the trendy pops of color.

But if I were to wear this outfit, my initial instinct is to pair it all with black, opaque tights. Kinda boring. I do have some cute yellow accents going on here… and No nonsense has so many fun and colorful opaque tights. Part of me thinks I should go bold and wear yellow tights! Now, that would be risk for me… but it could be fun, too!

What about you… have you thought about going bold with colored tights? Or would you run to the shelter of safe black?


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