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January 17, 2013

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Simple Winter Décor: Cream and Black

Madigan made… changes to the clipboard wall with calligraphy pages.

clipboard wall with calligraphy book pages

I know I asked this on Monday, but do you decorate your home for the season this month? Besides the little snowman vase that I showed you, I’m not sure I’m going to do much in the way of winter decorating.

If you remember last January, I set out some of my milkglass trees and decorated the former chalkboard with snowflake plates for winter.  But this year I am feeling a little different. All the Christmas décor is packed away. After the assault on our senses that is the holidays… the lights, the songs, the presents, the treats… I wanted our home to feel clean and quiet.

So, when I recently found this calligraphy instruction book at a thrift store, I knew the pages would be the perfect transition on my large clipboard wall from the winter into spring.

calligraphy book

If you are a book lover with a squeamish stomach… look away! I did take a blade to the book and removed pages that caught my eye. I thought about crafting with them… but the pages were so lovely by themselves. I wanted to show them off by clipping them up for display.

calligraphy book decor


The scene in our kitchen does not necessarily scream a ‘winter’ vignette. Instead, there is just lots of cream and stark black lettering.  That contrast reminds me of this time of year… when you think about the silhouette of barren trees against a cold skyline. So, for me, this calligraphy décor is perfect for January.

clipboard wall with calligraphy book pages

Cream colored doily placemats that I already owned seemed like an appropriate compliment to the fine details and colors of the calligraphy images.

doily placemats

While I loved the holiday images I used last month on the clipboard… I think I love this wall even more. I can’t stop staring at each clipboard. Each page is like a little work of art!

clipboard wall with calligraphy book pages

Are you like me? Do you prefer things quiet and simple around the home this January? Or do you decorate for winter or Valentine’s right now?