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February 11, 2013

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New Pillows: Mixing Lattice and Paisley Patterns

Madigan made…  an update on the office-guest room.

There’s a reason I’m more of a craft blogger than a home decorating/DIY blogger.


Because I kinda stink at finishing room makeovers. I’m really good at telling you about when I’m going to start working on a room. But I have a complete disregard for showing you the final result. It stems from the fact that I’m slow when it comes to the follow through.

For me, redoing a room in our home takes time. A lot of time. We are going to live in the space, so I don’t want to rush decisions just to finish the decorating (or to blog about it). Also, I tend to get easily distracted on a creative level by simple and easy crafts. It’s much more fun to whip up a quick craft than work on that big room project.   (Remember all those recent glitter crafts? Yes, my attention is easily diverted by sparkly things.)

Last May I shared with you the personal reasons I wanted to make over our one guest room and how I want to turn it into a semi-office. This room is still a major work-in-progress. And I’ve made it my mission to ‘finish’ the room up by this May. One year for a room makeover sounds reasonable, eh?

So, I plan to show you more projects for this room as I work to complete it. This past week I made a few 20-minute pillows for the futon in the room. (If you follow me on Vine, then you already saw a sneak peek of the pillows in this video.)

Want to learn how to make a simple pillow? Check out my easy tutorial for envelope pillows. They are a great project for sewing beginners!

To make the pillows, I used three fabrics that I collected over the years. They work with my orange-green-blue color scheme for the room. I’ve had the green fabric for years… I love the graphic and bold pattern. The orange, paisley fabric is a nod to the pattern in the sari I wore for my brother’s wedding.  And I recently purchased the pool-blue lattice pattern fabric because it matched the color of my wine cork lamp in the room perfectly.

I’m kinda digging the mix of the graphic fretwork patterns and the organic swirls in the paisley. I like the contrast. What do you think?

Oh, and I know that the futon is looking a little sad and faded compared to my fun, new pillows.

I have plans for that futon… it rhymes with flip-hover. Stay tuned!


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