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May 22, 2013

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2 Easy Ways to Paint Your Own Jewelry

Madigan made… DIY enameled and glazed jewelry pendants.

Easy DIY: paint your jewelry with enamel paints and glaze

~ This simple craft project is brought to you by Martha Stewart Jewelry. All opinions are my own. ~

Paint can solve so many DIY problems, can’t it? In the course of my crafting career, I’ve painted a lot of things. But, until recently, I haven’t really painted much of my jewelry.  Not sure why… maybe I was just waiting for the right paint? I’ve been a little concerned that nail polish or spray paint could eventually wear off metal jewelry.

Well, this past month Martha Stewart Jewelry and Plaid sent me a big box of jewelry making supplies. Rhinestones, charms, clay, beads… they were elegant and tasteful items just like all of Martha’s craft supplies. But what caught my eye in the box was the jewelry paint.

The paint is designed specifically to be used on jewelry and dries to the air… No baking? Durable? I had to try this out!

How to paint your own jewelry - two easy ways!

How to paint your own jewelry

Supplies needed to paint jewelry:

  • Martha Stewart Metal Settings
  • Martha Stewart Jewelry Glaze Paint, sea green
  • Martha Stewart Jewelry Enamel Paint, yellow jacket
  • Martha Stewart Enamel Paint Activator
  • Martha Stewart Jewelry Glue
  • Cabochons
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Silicone mat
  • Brushes
  • Toothpicks

how to paint jewelry - supplies

Option One - Enamel Your Jewelry:

Place dollops of the enamel paint activator and the enamel paint on the silicon mat. You will need twice as much activator as you do color. Mix the two on the mat with your toothpick. Allow the paint to thicken a little (it won’t ‘run’ off the edge of the metal as much). Using a fine brush and/or toothpick, carefully apply the paint onto the metal. If the paint spills over the edge of the metal setting, use a silicone tip brush to wipe clean. The paint will air dry and harden in 24-72 hours.

How to enamel paint jewelry

Option Two - Glaze Your Jewelry:

Using a brush, apply the jewelry glaze to the metal setting. Apply a thick layer if you want the color to be more opaque. (I brushed my paint on in streaks so that some of the metal peeked through and to give the surface a little more texture.) Allow the glaze to air dry.

How to glaze paint jewelry

Final Step - Adorn/Assemble Your Necklace:

Using jewelry glue and a toothpick, apply a small amount of glue to the back of each cabochon and attach it to the center of each metal medallion setting. Allow the glue to dry.

how to make a diy pendant necklace

With a pair of pliers in each hand, open a jump ring and close it around a top opening of the medallion. Slip your new and colorful pendant on your favorite silver chain and tell people that, yes, you did paint that yourself!

I really like both finishes on these pieces. The glaze has a sheer, pearl appearance while the yellow enamel is more opaque and super-glossy. (and I loved that I had the perfect yellow sweater to wear with it, too!)

DIY painted enamel jewelry

I enjoyed using the Martha Stewart tools and jewelry supplies. These paints were so easy to work with… and now I can’t wait to attack all of my beat-up jewelry with a little color!

Easy DIY necklace pendants with yellow and teal paints

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Note: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Crafts and The Blueprint Social. As always, all opinions are my own.