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December 30, 2013

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My Crystal Ball Drop Necklace (& the tale of my LBD)

Madigan made… a DIY beaded necklace (& a story of a special dress).

Simple DIY Crystal Ball Drop Necklace - this would be perfect for New Years Eve or any night out!

Today I want to show you my new, pretty, sparkly necklace. It was easy to make in 30 minutes and would be the perfect necklace to wear while watching the ball drop this New Year’s Eve.

But before I do that… I need to tell you a quick story about WHY I made this necklace. It doesn’t have much to do with crafts or home d├ęcor… but it is personal and important to me, and I thought you might want to know why I love this necklace so much.

Some of you may or may not know this, but this past year I have been working hard to be more healthy and fit. It was one of my goals for 2013. Exercise and eating better has paid off for me and I’ve been losing weight and feeling more energetic lately.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook may remember me asking y’all what to do with all of the clothes I owned that were too big for me after losing weight. Thanks so much for all the great advice! (I ended up donating most of the items, in case you were wondering.) 

I do occasionally clean and purge my closet from time to time, so it felt good to get rid of those larger clothes so I’d have no excuse to slip back into a bigger size.

But there is one article of clothing that I have never donated over the years… and there’s a reason. I’ve had this LBD (that’s little black dress for those of you that might not know) in the back of my closet for over a DECADE. I first wore it back in college (circa 1998) to a sorority holiday party. 

It is just a plain, short, black, velvet sheath… but after I wore the frock, I hung onto it because the style was such a simple and classic look. Unfortunately after college, I did gain some weight and the garment no longer fit me. But I always I hung onto that LBD, hoping that someday I could wear it again. For me, the dress kinda stood as a symbol or goal for me to reach.

So, this fall after working hard this past year, I was thrilled to see that I finally could get back into this dress!  My hubby and I attended a wedding this past weekend and that was the perfect event to wear my LBD.

Here’s me last year at Christmas… and 20 pounds lighter on our way out the door to the wedding on Saturday:

The dress was simple and classic… all it needed for a wedding was some jewelry to dress it up! (…can you see where this tale is going now? Good!) 

Since the wedding landed between Christmas and New Years, I figured that I could wear a large and sparkly statement necklace. I recently saw lots of sparkly, long necklaces in stores, but nothing was working for me. So… you probably can guess how this story ends… I decided to make my own necklace!  I grabbed some chunky, clear, crystal-ball-like beads from the craft store and made this necklace the afternoon before the wedding. (Nothing like doing things last minute!)

Want to see how to make it? The process is the same as my DIY lazy beaded necklace.

Crystal ball drop inspired DIY beaded necklace

Crystal “Ball Drop” DIY Necklace

Supplies used:

  • Bead stringing wire
  • Clear cut glass beads (in two sizes)
  • Clear seed beads
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish

Steps taken:

I strung the clear beads and seed beads alternating on the wire in a pattern that I liked.

How to make a DIY beaded necklace

Once I found a design that worked for me, I made sure that the length of the necklace was long enough for me to fit over my head. (This is my secret, lazy way to make a beaded necklace… then you don’t have to worry about attaching findings!)  My necklace ended up being about 27-28 inches long.

Once strung, I tied the bead wire tightly between two of the seed beads. I snipped the wire close to the knot. Then, to be sure that knot did not come undone, I placed a dollop of clear nail polish over the knot. That’s it!

Crystal ball drop inspired DIY beaded necklace

This necklace looks gorgeous against any dark shirt or surface. The cut beads remind me of mini disco balls or the crystal ball that drops for NYE. The piece is perfect to wear this time of year! (and it will go with anything down the road…)

I loved how the necklace sparkled against my little black velvet dress this weekend.

But what I love the most about this necklace is that it shines just like how I feel these days!

Easy DIY beaded necklace - perfect for any night out or New Year's Eve!